Mannequins Just Friends

If you try that same method of triggering input 6 but in Sound/Transient does it work correctly? Wondering if the gates from Ansible are just too quick for Sustain mode. You could also try toggling the channels manually from Teletype in Sustain if you haven’t already to see if that works too.

Are these with JF.MODE 1?

If not, the sustain/sound one at least makes sense to me: in sustain/sound as well as transient/sound (without RUN active), the module is expecting audio-rate pulse or square waves (respectively) at its trigger inputs in order to create “Mangrove-style impulses”.

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hmm wow okay i had no idea about audio rate pulses for spill mode! definitely explains that one. thanks :slight_smile:

my plume mode also seems to be working fine now?.. haha

i think i must have just been getting confused about which mode i was in, and changing the run settings in teletype with the absence of a physical cable. still some of the glitchy sounds that i was hearing last night seem weird… but if i never encounter it again i guess i can just chalk it up to clumsy patching.

thanks for the patience yall


Finally took the time to check out some of the run-jack modes, and Plume is wonderful! This is actually what I thought the default mode was supposed to be at first, and so I was initially confused about why I was just getting tiny clicks and pops, but then ended up having more fun using it as a modulation source, that I never got back to it.

Super short clip I recorded. Kick from Plonk. Just Friends is being modulated slightly by Batumi (which I also finally flashed to expert firmware which is a HUGE improvement), 3 gates are coming from 3 euclidean rhythms generated by Pamela’s New Workout into JF, and then its outputs are mixed by Quadratt and are then going into Ableton, through its Filter Delay, and through Analog Heat (thanks, @stripes! :)) via Overbridge.

I can’t stop listening to Caterina Barbieri’s Patterns Of Consciousness, so it was only a matter of time before I was using a harmonic oscillator through a bunch of delay lines. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just friends being sound source while a tape delay to itself.
Just a square to run, switching from Transient to Sustain, Resonating sisters.


I will put one more here and than should really stop the hype. But wow… i am speechless. Never would have dreamed to find my funeral organ meets tubular bells when i followed my heart and guts to build this little dedicated box.

Thanks so much @Galapagoose & @tehn for crafting these gems! Proper therapy finally :smiley:


On the MW thread theres a nice hint showing subharmonic scanning with maths.

I need a function/EG and thinking about MN Function. I would like however similar to math creative potential in the sense of scaninng to add more complexity to JF even. Before one day the crow lands…

I admit i have little knowledge of scanning but understand the fundamentals its based on. Does Function by MN allow this with Just Friends?

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Playing with my Just Friends last night I noticed I have exactly the same issue as below (I’ve never really tried getting all LFO’s running at same rate before).

@photofractal did you get to the bottom of what was the problem on your unit?

@Galapagoose would a Beasts Chalkboard be an acceptable voltage reference for the calibration procedure (I don’t have a precision voltage source, and the module is an octave transposer so I guess should output in 1V increments)?

I actually brought mine right to the Mannequins team in NYC (I live in Brooklyn). They repaired it for me but never told me exactly what the problem was. Sorry I know that’s not super helpful!

Have you tried updating to the latest version (3.0.5)? It adds some extra scaling / shaping for the FM pot which should help getting those speeds much slower.

Regarding the voltage reference I would use whatever it is you’re sending to JF as the volt/octave source. That should factor out any error your source is providing. Also, running the calibration procedure should help with the slow waves thing (by reducing DC error at the FM input jack).

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Thanks for the quick response @Galapagoose most appreciated.

I’ll try all above and hopefully that will sort it out :+1:

just playing around with one of my favorite things to do with JF - combining (via Cold Mac OR) gates in shape/cycle mode, creating lovely rhythms that can slowly phase in and out, depending on your settings. The sound in this video is the triggers going straight into Optomix’s input. You can also shape the resulting sound with the curve and ramp knobs, to be soft or biting.


Can you explain this in more detail, particularly how you patched between Cold Mac and JF?

two triggers from JF into Cold Mac’s two OR inputs, then out of OR output into optomix. basically you’re just combing the gates, I’m sure there are many other ways to do this.

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Interesting. How do you have JF set? Could you post a picture? And are you using the knob on C.M. for anything or just letting it choose via the Or functionality?

I’m loving the Mannequins modules while still finding them to be quite opaque…


Shape/Cycle mode, set curve to be square wave so its spitting out gates and not LFO’s. Adjust everything else to taste. Cold Mac knob is not used

Thanks I’ll try it!
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Further exaiming the „delay“ genes of Just Friends i find it worthy to note that this module does basicaly Double tracker Tape style things in cycle shape. I am sending Gates and use fm with 3S and playing 2 sampled drums. Things go from clear, to subtle drum hit changes via double tracking delays up to mashinegun stuff.

All about time this module. Saves me a Strymon Deco :slight_smile:

I tried it and it was really cool!

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I’ve read this about five times today and still haven’t quite grokked it. Such is the modular world haha. I’ll get it soon enough