Mannequins Just Friends

ya i do that sometimes, it’d be sweet to trigger more than one at once though. i can see a teletype looming in my future…

I got a TT to essentially leverage the Just Type functions, plus all the other stuff the TT is capable of. I just didn’t get it. I tried, it just made no sense to me and i moved it
JF is my absolute favorite module and i still want the JT functions - so i believe Crow may solve this but if not it might be a nice little project to get into some programing…
The take-away is, at some point, we should be able to use the JustType without TT

Ya, I totally jumped on the Norns train based on the prospect of what Crow will bring. Got a Grid this week and ended up getting Ansible along with it. I’m even more excited for Crow now.

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I was thinking the same thing the other day. A breakout module with attenuators for each channel and a switch to flip it into Geode/Synthesis mode would be amazing. You wouldn’t get the niceties like being able to trigger without patch cables but that seems trivial, having physical pots to attenuate the output and the ability to enter the extended modes would be enough for me personally. I just have no experience with Teensy’s or anything like that to be able to see how feasible it would be.

I think the key word is that it ‘could’ happen, rather than should. It’s hard to say what will manifest – to anyone considering Just Friends because of Just Type Synthesis/Geode, keep in mind that accessing these without Teletype may never happen. I’m not aware of any concrete plans for this - community driven or otherwise.

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Are you experiencing any issues?

EDIT: thanks for the clarification @alanza - curve is reversed. Intone should be the same.

A bug was discovered just recently, which has to do with ii2 and Teletype.

curve is different from the original video, intone should be more or less the same as far as I can tell.

@nutritionalzero what sort of weirdness are you noticing?

So is the new v3.1.1 firmware just for the most recent batch of Just Friends or should all owners upgrade?

I think it doesn’t change anything for owners of older hardware. If you don’t notice any problems, you should be just fine

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That’s what I had assumed, thanks. No problems to report so i’ll sail ahead as normal…

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it’s easiest to check in sound/cycle mode, where intone full CW (fm at noon) you should hear the harmonic series:

identity – root,
2n – octave up
3n – octave + fifth up
4n – two octaves up
5n – two octaves + major third up
6n – two octaves + fifth up.

intone at noon, you should hear the same note across the board, and full CCW you should hear the “undertone series”:

identity – root
2n – octave down
3n – octave + fifth down
4n – two octaves down
5n – two octaves + major third down
6n – two octaves + fifth down

NB – these intervals are in so called “just intonation” (which is part of the source of the name), i.e. they come from multiplication or division by integers, so their quality might be slightly different than you expect, since many other instruments are tuned to form a scale.


While I’m here, I want to urge you all to play around with the sweet spot that you can dial in on the intone knob near 2 o’clock, where you get

identity – root
2n – fifth up
3n – octave up
4n – octave + major third up
5n – octave + fifth up
6n – octave + minor seventh up :upside_down_face:

which gives you power chords with voices 1, 2, 3 and 5, major chords if you throw in 4, and even a just intonation dominant seventh should you really want one.

the CCW version (near 9 o’clock on my unit) is a little wonkier, you get

identity – root
2n – fifth down
3n – minor seventh down
4n – octave down
5n – minor ninth (octave + half step) down
6n – major ninth (octave + whole step) down

which, if you only listen to voices 1, 2, 3 and 6 gives you a lovely sustained chord


I don’t have my JF with me right now. Just want to say that it always amazes me the knowledge and awesome insights you patiently share with us all. You and many others around lines; lines is awesome. Thank you :grinning:


I love the 2 o’clock spot but I hadn’t broken it down like this. Thank you for doing that!


Found the magical 2 o’clock spot. Thanks!


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That was awesome! 20 characters


This is great info Alanza… thank you so much :+1:

When I (finally) get my JF updated and calibrated I’ll be sure to check out these ‘sweet spots’.


Wanted to chime in on the discussion going on before. I was the person who described some unexpected behavior with intone from the most recent batch. I’ll try to describe best what I was experiencing.

This all related to Sound/Cycle mode and monitoring all 6 outputs.
With Intone at center, sweeping CCW, there is a slow and evolving separation of the different frequencies as the n value is added to them. There is a lot of travel in that detuned/phasing before the separation becomes more distinct and separate “notes”. However, when sweeping CW from center, there was an immediate jump in the frequencies where they were immediately distinguishable as different “notes”. Then as you traveled CW a tiny bit further, there was a dead spot where the frequencies didn’t change at all. You could wiggle the Intone knob and not have any change in the frequencies.

I figured this wasn’t expected behavior so I did a manual calibration using O_c references and monitoring the voltage through a Mordax Data. After the calibration was done, this behavior disappeared, and it is now working as expected.


Indeed this behaviour is the result of the small offset on the Intone CV input offsetting the sweep. Calibrating the module will fix the problem.

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