Mannequins Just Friends

3 wires are all that’s required, just make sure that ground is connected to ground, etc.
i’d recommend updating firmwares.

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currently running ansible, tt, jf on an i2c bus in a 6u using a make noise power supply. unfortunately I’m encountering some issues with stuck notes in transient synthesis mode. thinking of adding a script that just triggers all voices to get out of this, but am curious if there are other methods of eliminating / mitigating this issue. I’ve seen some @scanner_darkly videos for Orca’s Heart that don’t seem to have any hanging notes at all.

Are you using both Ansible and TT in leader mode simultaneously?

I recently posted some Just Type bugs in the "Just Type" Beta Testers thread.

I wish there was a Mannequins github for easier issue tracking. Open source firmware would be nice, too, but I appreciate that that might conflict with the creator’s vision for the product. At least there’s a robust community here for supporting 3rd-party firmware tweaks.

A great thing to double-check!

I’m using Kria and a quick look at the user’s guide to i2c indicates that Kria is always a follower, so this is not my issue (unless the designation of Kria as always a follower is in some way reductive, which I would not blame this excellent resource for, since it could be a legibility decision).

Related Q: is there a good way to retune jf voices in synthesis mode without triggering a note? I’ve patched up VCAs to make this happen, but am now working in a more limited context. I’ve seen this question before (6 mos+ plus outdated) and the answer is ‘no’, but knowing that development is active and that you’re in the vehicle, I thought I’d ask.

AFAIK that’s a new feature in the upcoming JF firmware. You’d have to check with @Galapagoose for details.

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this is no longer true. Kria can be a leader now

Woah, thanks! I’m not running latest firmware so this isn’t my issue BUT it does mean I’ve violated the first rule of asking for help – run the latest firmware! Will rectify + test.

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Hi all. I am hunting for a used JF. Got an offer for a V1 that supposedly had “the mod” done to it. There was a small sticker (red high heel shoe) on the run input. Would this be practically the same as a V2?

Yes they operate identically & sound the same. They run the exact same codebase.

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Ough so i was happy to recieve my 2nd hand just friends today but obviously theres sth wrong.
It seems to short my power bus. Doesnt damage anything but MI ears just blinked and when the Jf is on the bus alone, it shuts off the powerbank.

Also i couldnt make it turn on any LEDs wich if iam remembering right should be possible when in certain modes producing triggers.

Its a red shoe updated v1.

Is there a realistic chance to fix it?

I can solder and could have someone do smd but who knows whatever is blown on this
Any ideas? @Galapagoose

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Checking the obvious first: is the power ribbon polarity correct at both the module and your power supply?

If it were me, I’d remove the panel and the clouds board and take a close look at everything for the possibility of debris or a smoked component. If you want to post detailed pics of the boards we could help you with the “where’s waldo” but hopefully any smoke is limited to fuses around the power input.

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Here you go.
Polarity ofc is correct.

Hmm JF has polyfuses so if there is a short on the board then your PSU should not be shutting off.

There is some junk around U3 (upper right) and C15 (upper far right).

I’d say try with a new ribbon. I’ve had bad ones before. If possible take all of the other modules off your PSU to rule out overloads, etc. Which PSU do you have?

Will have someone take measures as i ve no such tools.
The psu is mmi usb far away from what it can load but i will try it with a friends one too

I’ve had similar troubles cause by bad power ribbons before. Try swapping out the cable by testing it with one that you know works.

The board looks totally fine. The easiest check to see if JF is the problem is to measure the voltage on both sides of the polyfuses (the blue parts PF1 and PF2 immediately next to the power header.

They should measure +/-12V on the header, and very slightly less than that on the other side. If that’s not the case, turn off the power & remove the header, then measure the series resistance of those parts. They should be under 3ohms resistance. Send me an email if these are correct but the issue persists

“Just Checking” here. I see a listing of a Just Friends V2 (Gold Clouds) in my area. Would this be upgradable to V4 as well, or in any way different way different (power spec or something) from current last retail versions? I’d like to be sure before I buy it to go with my TeleType.

The V2 (gold clouds) is the (most recent) hardware revision, if you want to flash it with the 4.0 software it’ll work fine.


Unsure as to where is best to post this, so mods, please feel free to relocate it as you see fit.

I’m trying to hook up my JF with my crow via i2c, but am having little luck. I have tried two cables, with both of my JFs, and only once or twice did it briefly connect in the M4L devices. On those occasions, the ‘connect’ boxes were ticked upon loading the device without my having to press anything, and I was able to send midi info. These happy moments only lasted for around 20 seconds before the connection was lost.

Am I looking at faulty cables, perhaps?


EDIT: problem solved by restarting the DAW. Who knows! :man_shrugging:

EDIT: classic preemptive solution post. I unplugged i2c to re-rack the units and it’s no longer communicating midi again, no matter what workaround I try. Can anyone give me an idea of how fiddly this is generally, if all is working as it should be? I’ve followed the M4L patch setup guidelines, but as mentioned above, if I engage the toggle the 6 lights on JF do not blink. The only successes I’ve had have automatically connected to the device.


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hey hey, sorry to hear about the troubles!

with the latest JF software, the lights don’t blink — i’ll update the manual / device info today. you should just be able to start playing. the cases where you described seeing the check box are good — this means you are connecting successfully.

the dropped connection trouble is concerning, though. is your JF on the latest firmware? what else is on your i2c bus?