Mannequins Just Friends


Honestly, I’m not sure if the used JF I received is working properly or not, but let’s just say I’m enjoying this thing and leave it at that.

Edit: updating as I learn . . .
Edit2: . . .


Having some issues with the MIX out.
It just outputs at a reeeeeeeally low amplitude. Basically i can’t even hear it withoud pumping my soundcard input volume way too high. :frowning:


Hey guys,

I can’t update the just friends firmware, I’m following the instruction on this page:

but the module doesn’t seem to go into bootloader mode, restarted the procedure several time with no success.

Any idea?

UPDATE: changed case and it worked…


Has anyone had any issues running the factory reset calibration procedure outlined here?

Everything works just fine until the moment I flick the switch to cycle - at which point the momentary pause turns into a permanent one and the module never restarts.


JF is back in stock at picked one up, pretty excited!


How fast do you guys think they will get sold out?
I really want to get one but it’ll be a few months until I get enough dough for one ~~


I recently acquired Just Friends and exploring it’s design has been really fun. I’m finding a lot of ways to use it.

Today I used the identity output as envelopes amplitude modulation for one voice in a heavily sequenced patch. In transient/shape mode I sent my sequencer’s gate out to the 6n input. I stayed out of the run jack so the envelope wouldn’t reset if it received another gate before it’s cycle finished. Modulating time leads to rhythmic variations, which is super fun to wiggle by hand.

And since all the other function outputs were free, I modulated other stuff in my patch life PWM, delay feedback, etc. Modulating intone and attenuating the modulation a fair amount lead to some really subtle ebb and flow. I can see this being a jumping off point for future sequenced patches for sure, lots of possibilities.


Does everyone’s JF have a three-way switch for SOUND/SHAPE? I can set mine in the middle but it seems to also be SOUND (so SOUND/SOUND/SHAPE) unless i’m completely missing something in the manual.


my newest one does, yes. I think it’s just a part goof-up. there is no special “middle position” function.


I’m chiming in to agree with @Dan_Derks here. I have two JF, and the newest (received last week) has a three-way switch, while my original (silver clouds) has the expected two-way switch. The behavior matches what @adrianf noted above (middle position behaves like SOUND).


Mine was from the recent batch and I have a two way switch. Curious :thinking:

Also I expanded on that patch I posted above by using some all flesh pads into the run jack to module the envelope retrigger time. This into the DLD (modulated by JF) created instant beds of ambient glitch :heart_eyes:


I also only have a two-way switch on my April 2018 JF


Woah! 3way switch?! That’s super weird. Totally bewildered that we didn’t catch that in testing :confused:


Not to worry! doesn’t seem to hurt functionality. I’ll chalk it up as a super rare ultra limited 3 way switch edition.


Saw on muffs that new firmware is available and didn’t see it mentioned here. Installed and about to give it a spin.

(I very well could have missed this update and this is old news; but I don’t think so, if this is the case my apologies for the false excitement. )


yeah, @Galapagoose only mentioned it in the Just Type thread, so I nearly missed it myself!


Having one of those “Is my module acting strangely, or do I just not understand how it’s supposed to behave” moments. :slight_smile:

So, how I thought JF would behave in Sound/Transient or Sound/Sustain is that if I ran a gate/trigger signal into any of the trigger inputs on the JF, that it would act essentially like a combination oscillator/envelope/vca for each of the 6 “voices” and output the result at each of the outs. However, when I do that I only hear basically an incredibly short click (in Sustain, I think). Is this the expected behavior? Does it only work in the way shown in the introduction video on YouTube where there’s an audio rate signal going into the Triggers? I’ve tried that and it works great, fwiw.

So as an example, I imagined, say, running some gates out of Batumi into triggers for Identity, 3N and 5N and basically using it as a self-contained harmonic synth, without needing to use a separate envelope generator and VCA.

If that isn’t the idea for the Trigger inputs for Sound/Shape and Sound/Transient, what is?? :slight_smile:


When in Sustain or Transient modes, Just Friends generates plain envelopes without consideration to the Shape/Sound modes — these only determine the length of the envelopes; Shape gives longer lengths, while Sound goes into audio-rate lengths; this can be useful while feeding in a pulse train to the trigger inputs, as you’ll get subharmonic division, just as Mangrove’s Formant output does with its internal square wave oscillator.

If you want to have a triggerable voice on each channel, you’ll have to look into the Plume run mode. While in Sound/Sustain mode, plug a patch cable into the Run jack. In this mode, the voltage sent to the Run jack set the envelope’s decay (it’s actually a simulated lowpass gate), and the other controls act exactly as they would in Sound/Cycle, giving you the regular controls over timbre.


Awesome… I haven’t really delved into the Run modes as there already felt like there were enough things to learn in the “regular” modes. Thanks!

edit: I just had a total AH HA moment while re-reading your reply. It hadn’t quite struck me yet that the “slow waveforms” that Shape creates and the “fast waveforms” that Sound creates are the exact same thing. So when you feed in a single pulse into a Trigger in Shape mode, it might create say a 1s long waveform (once). But when you do the same thing in Sound it’s generating 1 full cycle of an audio rate waveform (also once)… which results in a teeny, tiny click.

This is the sort of thing I wish I had an oscilloscope for. :slight_smile:


So been reeaally digging my JF. Super flexible and functional (if I didn’t have limited space I’d consider having two).

Not really messed with the Run modes yet, but a quick question for those of you that are more familiar. Is there a Run mode (or a setting in standard mode(s)) that lets you be able to retrigger triggers before their time has run out? (other than cycle mode obviously).

The two main function generators in my skiff (this and IFM Swoop) both have the same ‘no retriggering’ paradigm, which is cool for certain things, but not ideal for wanting percussion-y (as in drums) triggering where I’d want a long decay, but not a long ‘lockout’.