Mannequins Just Friends


Hmmmm has mangrove wider tracking range?

Got it kinda working. But JF looses notes as soon as i transpose the sequence more than 1 tiny octave :confused:


So if i transpose the same sequence a few octaves into MG i get a very pretty sequence out… doing the same into JF it gets weird because of the double notes/missing notes.

Any ideas on that?


Could be Mangroves Barrel and Formant settings that’s making a difference. Your JF sounds like it’s working fine.


Nope using square for reference as suggested.

The more the sequence is transposed octaves up (didnt test down) the less notes JF differentiates/the more doubles.

Cant be the expected behavior??


@Hlp, can you post a video showing what you mean? it might help crowdsource debugging to see each step of your process.


Thought so too. Will try, can i upload directly here?


should be able to but if you run into any issues, i’d say it’s best to upload to YouTube as an unlisted video and share the link here.


Had to lo fi it a lot but the sound is easier to understand than shaky camera anyway.

So first sequence +1 octave into MG
Then same into jF all fine
Back to MG
Then setting sequence to +5 octave (but same with varying note loss happens inbetween too)
MG does fine…funny silly little Melody
Same into JF and you heat the missing notes/doubles…


One potential thing that might be happening, although I don’t know, is that you’re running into an analog vs digital design difference. A voltage into Mangrove’s pitch input literally controls a circuit that pitches the Mangrove’s output, but a voltage into Just Friends’ time input is run through an analog-to-digital converter, and then affecting the computation that way.

This digital implementation usually means there’s some clipping of the allowable voltages into the input, so what I suspect is this: transposing up 5 octaves (which is… a lot of octaves) means adding 5 volts to the pitch CV. This might cause some of the note voltages you’re outputting from O_c to exceed the maximum allowed input into Just Friends, which appears to be “clipping” the voltage to that maximum, thus giving you your doubled pitches. Since Mangrove has no such voltage clipping, it responds more how you’d expect.

That’s my guess anyway.


Totaly logical yes, just that it starts to happen at +2 allready… wich is worrying if i cant get it right.


hmmm… well, adding two octaves is relative, right? if you’re adding two octaves to a note that’s already at the top of the piano, you’re gonna run out of piano much faster.

ETA: So, check the note values the O_c is putting out before adding the octaves—if they’re really high already, then maybe they won’t transpose well.


Yep that will be it! Thanks so much alanza:)

I just dont know how to adjust to this limitation. Makes my heart heavy to let mangrove go wich i needed to do to fund JF.


Yep dragged down all high notes quite a lot and got 1 octave more so this is indeed the issue.

Damn mangrove sounds sweet. But the sound ranges of JF are priceless aswell…so i ll somehow adjust


I don’t know if this will be helpful for you but there is an alternative slow version of the firmware, which might help you if you’re trying to transpose that many octaves… Not sure but worth a try.


Aaaah i read about it but thought its only relevant for lfos and envelops…but thinking of it that means sound in JF universe of course.

So this would kind of tame it, slow it down and should help wider transposition range? That d be great


It’s also worth noting, of course, that you can always compensate for lowering notes on the O_c by turning up the Time knob on Just Friends.

I don’t think 3.0.4_slow would really change the behavior much, although it might change the range of the Time knob.


Honestly I’m not sure, it might be similarly constrained with a lower range but I figured it could be worth a shot. I would test it for you but I haven’t took the time to update mine to the slow version cuz I’m laaaaaaazzzzyyyyyy :sunglasses:


Thats what i expected too but no, the pitch range on the JF itself didnt change this issue.
Its probably as you said, classical vco tracking vs AD converted.
I just didnt expect such difference


About the whole sequence transposing, its not my usual go but i feel a bit alarmed now to always see how high and low i can play it. But i am new to cv sequencing too so that adds up.
More fun than midi for sure!

The most interesting sounds of both mannequins modules are in an even more limited range as i noticed. I think my fav sound on mangrove could only go over 5-6 notes. I kind of understand it, its probably the price for that fruits inbetwen between


Just Friends’ TIME input jack accepts voltages from -2v to +5v. That’s 7 octaves-- same as a piano. You’ll need to set the TIME knob to an appropriate position so that your CV sequence doesn’t push beyond this (it will clip at the voltage limit and cause the ‘missed’ notes as you describe).

Regarding the Just Friends’ video @11mins, please note the module is in sound/transient mode (not sound/cycle), hence the leds being off. In this mode one can send the output of an oscillator (at audio rate) to create those subharmonic divisions as shown.

Using the ‘slow’ firmware will not help, and the current firmware we’re shipping on units is 3.0.5 which is very much closer to the ‘slow’ behaviour.