Mannequins Just Friends


Thanks for chiming in and explaining!
Yep i got it kinda. I am probably 50% confused by the layout of the sequencer and seing clearly how to go from a root C on both JF and OC to have the highest range up and down and the most logical / classical composition blank paper.

However i successfully made Just Friends play Piano chords yesterday with the help of the envelope spitting sequins and an Lpg. Amazing tones really!! Love this little artifact
Will try to record a lil bit of the patch later to post here


Oh… -2 to 5v

Could it be that the output of around -3 to 3v of my O_c adds to my confusions about how JF tracks a sequence? While mangrove could play the sequence differently probably accepting another voltage range?


Just wated to state that most of my confusion came from the sequencer. Plugging in a v8 keyboard source and all is fine and logical. I am just not ready for complex sequencers but thats fine.
And oh boy… Just Friends is an awesome soundsource
I managed so far:
Awesome unison Basses
Synth Harp/sichords
Pianoesque dampened
Multi „drawbar“ organ (i can only dream about how crazy this would be with just type)

No flute like sounds so far. And inbetween always get this, oh damn this sounds like 90s trance music sounds…i guess saws. But it pays of to experiment and wiggle. Just that now i really lust for the Sisters to fine shape the soundscapes.

The intone jack is powerful!


I’d love to see some photos of patches!


Really nothing crazy…,and well the harpsi wasnt that great, more like tried to find sweet spots from where to move on. Probably should make notes next time.
Basically most of em had Gates or other cv to Intone (sometimes to curve) 3 individual outs of changing order. Always re patching to see if in one „chord“ it sounds off/weird to try other voice combinations…often a patch that wont sound nice will work in a different output combination. I think with more than 3 it gets more difficult. 2 works great. If in this repatching voices habit you really easily come accros organlike artifacts. Quite convincing in terms of transistor organs for me. Much better than many cheesy synth organs from the 70s

If you have a good (worked with bassy sounds for me) „chord“ with intone on max, than (i think the gate from v/oct source) into intone and dial intone back to around 11 o clock you get the defined bass of intone at max earlier plus the chords of higher notes (from for example the upper 3 outs)

No chance without attenuator/mixer.

And this is noway a tutorial as its possible i do some things very idiotic and still find my sounds while a better understanding of the module would for example archieve the same with less.


Oh there were even some kind of self appregio. I think with either gate/lfo/ or vco patched in curve. But not sure anymore.

Just saying i wont need any other oscillator for a long time. But got myself the intellijel 6 to 1 mixer


Sorry for such a basic question, but would a bare bones 2hp unity mixer (like this one from Intellijel clean up the six outs of JF in sound mode compared to the Mix output? Or is a small mixer with attenuators (like the Bastl ABC) needed/desirable enough to justify more hp in a small system? I using a Cold Mac for this purpose right now, but having it function as a simple mixer is deterring deeper exploration of what CM can do every time I have JF in sound mode.


Just Friends (like all Mannequins modules AFAIK) does support passive mixing, i.e. if I take stackcables out from the three outputs I would like into one input, it just works.

that said, yes, mixing outputs this way or using other modules works well for me as compared with the Mix out.

also, I would consult the manual for the Unity mixer, but the “Unity” might refer to the module literally just providing summing, which would mean you’d quickly get clipping / extreme volumes.


Thanks, Alanza,you seem super helpful around here!

I think it would get muddled with the unity mixer as you said now that I’m looking at it closer. Most of the non-Cold Mac mixer modules I’ve seen with JF have been 20hp behemoths (behemoths to my 84hp 7u-owning self, anyways) like the RXMX and Mutamix, so I was trying to cut as much hp as possible, but your tower of stackables suggestion seem like an even better option.


no problem! obviously you can’t easily change the relative loudness of elements of a stackcable mix, but I guess sometimes you gotta pick what you care about and what you can live without!


Thats the little thing that sold me on the mix 2 mentioned. It has 2 -6db attenuator jumpers. I dont think i would often use all 6 outs. More like 3-4 and i ve to sum everything somewhere. Also other soundsources.
The intellijell lets you choose unity vs -6db per 3 inputs. Flexible enough (i hope)


Short update on mixing 6 voices of JF with unity 2
Summing into one isnt any cleaner than the mix out. I suppose frequency dependent clipping.

However summing 2x3 to 2 outs gives much more definition.


PSA: Just Friends is up for preorder at Control.


i think my just friends doesn’t work properly…

i’ve been using it for almost 2 years and never really noticed anything wrong (pretty much exclusively using the shape modes and whenever i tried the new LPG synthesis stuff i always got weird sounds) but i recently updated my firmware and tried to use the new synthesis modes with just type and have run into some stuff that seems wrong.

some examples of behavior:

shape/sustain mode
all knobs at 12
all leds solid
TR into any of the inputs - no response.
jack into RUN - no change at all

JF.RMODE 0 changes nothing
JF.RMODE 1 changes nothing


TR from ansible into input 6
monitoring output 2n and 5n
outputted sound is clicks that change pitch from time knob, tone is affected by all other knobs. these are clicks and definitely not sine waves going through a LPG.

insert cable in RUN
drone comes through with intermittent clicks from the TR input. sounds very glitchy and sick…

take out cable from RUN
in just type live mode execute JF.RMODE 1
no sound and IDENTITY is lit solid
no response to triggers or sound output at all

sound/cycle drones sound pretty normal to me or at least how they’ve always sounded…

pretty much just trying to use the synthesis features of just type (or just triggering manually even) to get 6 dancing sine waves and it’s just not happening. really not sure if my module is wacky or not but i am thinking it is…

i am on most recent firmware and i also just tried a factory reset. i have an older model pre RUN jack fix. although i am getting a feeling that this doesn’t have anything to do with he new firmware and maybe is just my module (also tried going back to 3.0.4)?


I too have run into some of these issues when Teletype is setting JF to Run Mode. I’ve fixed it by flipping back and forth between JF.RMODE a couple few times.


it’s really strange because sometimes everything seems to be working fine… and with the command JF.MODE i can clearly get into the just type synth, which is ultimately what i want, but in normal mode it doesn’t always behave consistently especially in the sound modes. will have to investigate further. sorry if this is in the wrong thread! not sure if it’s a just type thing or a firmware thing or old module thing or a brain flub thing hah


FWIW, I’ve had some trouble with the mode switching, too. Mentioned it in the JT thread and the amazing people of JT fame said they’d take a look.


If you try that same method of triggering input 6 but in Sound/Transient does it work correctly? Wondering if the gates from Ansible are just too quick for Sustain mode. You could also try toggling the channels manually from Teletype in Sustain if you haven’t already to see if that works too.


Are these with JF.MODE 1?

If not, the sustain/sound one at least makes sense to me: in sustain/sound as well as transient/sound (without RUN active), the module is expecting audio-rate pulse or square waves (respectively) at its trigger inputs in order to create “Mangrove-style impulses”.


hmm wow okay i had no idea about audio rate pulses for spill mode! definitely explains that one. thanks :slight_smile:

my plume mode also seems to be working fine now?.. haha

i think i must have just been getting confused about which mode i was in, and changing the run settings in teletype with the absence of a physical cable. still some of the glitchy sounds that i was hearing last night seem weird… but if i never encounter it again i guess i can just chalk it up to clumsy patching.

thanks for the patience yall