Mannequins Just Friends


I don’t think O/A/x2 has gain above unity. It can ADD +2V but then your envelope won’t close. Same with the SPO.

Invy claims a gain of 2. That would work!


Having a question aswell, maybe somebody can estimate this better than i can.

I mentioned i get these kind of timebased effects out of JF with the help of FM, ranging from delayish to doubltracker behaviours.
In that patch i sent ansible/grid triggers to JF fm between 3s/jf and taking out the triggers from JF to react on 2 drum samples in a Disting.

Now what i dont fully understand about my own patching and plans for a second JF as mod/eg, is if i will be able to use these effects the same for another JF in sound modes. Will transient or sustain / sound accept these and would basicaly react the same? Or would routing those triggers to my 4 channels of LPG rather reflect this patch?

Hopefully its halfways understandable what i am asking


Quick question regarding sound mode(specifically cycle). Is it possible to fine tune the module? The time/pitch knob is very sensitive on mine and just a little nudge can change the tuning.


Yes, your right, you need offset plus amplification (gain) - CV Tools has a gain of upto 2 per channel also.


Hello! I have just received a second-hand Just Friends. I’m excited.

However, its clouds are Silver and it has no happy emoji sticker, so I’m assuming it has not had the Run jack fix.

A few questions:

  1. Are there any silver clouds JF that shipped with the Run jack fixed?
  2. Would anyone happen to know if it is safe to plug into a Mordax Data and then into JF Run jack? I would assume so, and can also look for documentation re: that but thought I’d put that out there.
  3. Are there any other safe ways to determine if my JF does not have the Run jack fix?
  4. If mine needs the Run jack fix, how complicated is it? I do SMD builds and depending on the complexity of the fix I may be able to do it myself.

Thanks for any info!

  1. I think what you could do—if you have a multimeter, which I guess you must if you’re SMD-ing, you could try half-plugging in a jack to run and then measuring the voltage you see across the other end of the jack?

(reading in between the lines of the webpage, it sounds like the problem that happened involved an output-to-output connection à la stackcable / passive mult mixing, so it should be safe to go your route? that said I definitely don’t know for certain!!)


I can try that… Depending on the speed of the spike it might register visibly on the multimeter.

I wish I had a real scope but I don’t yet.


If the physical world matches what’s going on in my head, what happens is you half-plug in, so the tip of the cable makes connection with the jack, but you don’t move it in far enough to trip the little make-before-break switch inside of the jack, so the normalled connection is not defeated, meaning you see a constant -12V on the meter. Now, that’s a big “if”, but worth a shot


This is largely correct.
The voltage is statically provided to the jack’s switch, so there’s no spike to worry about. You’ll see ~-11.5v on a non-upgraded module. If it’s had the update it’ll be closer to -10v. I doubt it’s been updated if there’s no sticker (we were pretty insistent about that).
Email for further details.


Another thought… because I remember having a similar issue… your slopes aren’t reaching their peak before you retrigger? Might have missed something here as I’ve been away from my synth for a week or so


by default I believe Just Friends doesn’t retrigger until the Rise phase has completed


Ah from memory that’s right. Disregard


Transient and sustain really have me riddled still.
Am i right that only percussive pulses can be had from those or should actual melodic, playable oscilation be archived somehow?

Another confusion i got, i just found out i can still send a sequence to v8 and have the oscillator play pitch to it while being in shape mode whilst triggers seem to shape the actual sound. I thought it was only either/or?
This seems to be mostly relevant to fm?

Riddled… .in a nice way but still…

Ultimately i wanted to find out what 4 triggers do in sustain or transient sound modes but couldnt get much out of it besides percussive pulses and gnarly stuff. I am trying to see if the manipulation i can do in shape cycle modes to gates, triggering samples, could be translated to manipulate several triggers of another jf in sound. But i am a bit lost right now.
Any ideas?


HLP - watch these

There is a whole series on just friends
Theyll really help you as itll give you a visual instruction on what the modes do as he does it on a scope…i think youll get a lot more out of them than questions answered here


Saw em a while ago before getting jf and there are still ppl with limited internet bandwidth:D but i will study those again next time i have some proper wifi.

I was under the impression my question was a bit specific in use tho. Maybe not?

You are right tho, the scope helps


In sound & transient/sustain mode, the Triggers expect audio rate pulse-trains. Attach oscillators rather than rhythmic trigger sources. Easiest way is to think of those 2 modes more as waveshapers, than oscillators in their own right.

If you want to use a trigger to gate an oscillator, you’ll need to attach outputs in sound/cycle mode into a VCA (with probably another envelope generator to create the shape).

Alternatively, JF can do this internally, but only in plume mode (sound/cycle/RUN). The biggest drawback in this mode is limited control over the shape of the envelope (though the shapes are nice!)


Is there anywhere that this type of specific information is collected for reference?



Threads like this :slight_smile:



Thanks, I have the manual, but it’s rather, um, poetic… I could benefit from something more nuts and bolts… I guess I need to do my own compiling!