Mannequins Just Friends


oh I definitely didn’t mean to “rtfm” you, I do really use mine as a reference all the time - it may be poetic but the descriptions of the run modes are really helpful, especially since I tend to get in a zone with one for a few months and realize I’ve forgotten the specifics of another when I switch it up. totally get it though.


Thanks, I guess I mostly just need to spend more time fiddling and puzzling my way around the mannequins modules… I’ve had an MS-20 since about 1982, and know a lot about good old fashioned analog synthesis… I’m finding the mannequins modules to be simultaneously fascinating and frustratingly oblique… which is great but sometimes I just want a straightforward list of “set this knob to that position to achieve this result” kind of functionality…

Some of it definitely has to do with the fact that in many cases the knobs aren’t fully continuous in function, like a VC-1 that’s at its lowest all the way CCW and at its highest all the way CW…

Does that make sense?


Should ve known by the manual mentioning pwm. Now it makes sense

The floom mode i mostly get, the cycles overall are pretty instant.

What made me a bit confused is, while nothing in the run jack, with the pitch around 12 or later, i could get the cycle/sound pitch in cycle/shape whilst simple gates shaped according to the trigger input choosen. Partially rather subtle.
Nothing ive read or seen so far mentioned this…or it slipped my attention.
If JF didnt think it was still in a run or ind sound mode for some reason, this is news to me.

On my other finding;
I ve a pretty cheesyvid of a silly beat that shows the tape style effects in one of the run modes i got. I am just gonna post it for reference later in hope someone can clarify if i can get those kind of shapes to singular voices in the harmonic choir when fed to another JF, if yes, i dont think i could resist.


So here it is what i am brabbling about:)
Its in Volley.
On first and on last second you kinda hear the bare original silly boombap beat. On around sec 3 you hear the grainy stutter and inbetween some of that delayish/doubltracker stuff i am talking about.
To my knowledge this is a lot more special than what could be done with just lfo or EG.

I can find my way through this wonderful module just fine, but my understanding of every aspect isnt exactly fullcricle or rather cycle.
What i don’t understand and would really like to find out is, if a connection between 2 JF‘s would allow me these effects to modulate parts of a harmonic/subharmonic choir of JF in sound.
There are too much variables in that assumption for me to really know. So idealy Gil or someone who knows a lot about it, might want to answer this?


that last is a question you’ll probably have to answer for yourself, I’m afraid. Certainly patching up two Just Friends so that one modulates the other is quite possible. the question then becomes about whether it’s the kind of modulation you want.


Yup thats the ‚dilemma‘ right now


Got a kinda weird question about my JF.

I was watching the informal demo on YouTube by Martin Doudoroff.

I was trying to follow along on my JF.

He showed the JF in Sound/Cycle mode. When he turned the Curve knob all the way counterclockwise the scope showed a sine wave. Then he turned it fully clockwise and it showed a square wave.

However, my JF is producing what sounds like exactly the opposite response, with a very sine-like sound at full CW and a raspier square like sound at full CCW.

Any idea what is causing this? I got mine in April 2018…



The curve knob has switched sides since those videos. You are good.


You are indeed observant. It was changed:


Posted a couple of Just Friends based patch recordings this afternoon.

This one I found on a usb stick, and is more melodic. I’m pretty sure JF as the voice. [Edit oops! I just worked out it was a previous junto submission already uploaded!]

This one I recorded this afternoon with JF in Transient/Shape mode pinging Three Sisters which is brought back down to stereo and then fed through a delay and something weird in clouds. It’s two takes which start diverged left and right and end center.


cool! super curious abot how the second track is patched, can you tell us more?


Actually it’s still patched: Sister pinged by clocked Just Friends, via cold mac left/right/center into dld which is modulated by lfos and reversed on cycle. I’m not 100% what mode clouds is in, I just threw some random at it then ended up manually tweaking it. Little bit of FM on the sisters from an audio rate sine. Clouds is either in spectral or resonester mode. I’ll check and update this. (Resonester confirmed)


when listening to the mix output in sound/cycle mode, i have started to get a fair amount of digital noise/buzzing/clicking. it’s kinda hard to explain. turning each of the knobs changes the frequency of the noise, but doesn’t eliminate it completely. it’s not present in any of the individual outputs. is there a known cause of this noise that is easily avoided? oddly, it wasn’t happening until very recently.

i have the slow modulation firmware installed, and i’m using Just Type. i’m on a road trip all day and most of tomorrow, but i can provide a sound sample as soon as possible! sorry if this has already been covered elsewhere and my search didn’t turn it up.


I think this might be working as intended? It sounds like what you’re describing is aliasing, which would shift and change in character as you move the knobs

OH, hmmm, I didn’t notice that it’s not present in the individual outs. in that case I’m less sure


When you say ‘started to’, is this without changing firmware or how you’re using JF?


both i believe - earlier in the day i was using JT without experiencing the noise. the noise crept in slowly and got more prevalent over the course of about half an hour. my first thought was that the issue was within the unit, but maybe it was something else? power supply, other interference, idk. i’ll check it out again when i get back home and see what i can turn up.

posting about this issue without the ability to explore it more thoroughly and post recordings was probably a bad move! hah.


There’s no way to get poly out of JF without a Teletype, is there?


plume mode (sound/sustain, something into the run jack) will get you part of the way: with judicious setting of the intone knob and clever sequencing, you can approximate a polysynth by selecting the chords you want from the notes available. There’s a lot of thinking to be done going that route, obviously.

If you’re considering Teletype, I will say that while Just Type is awesome, it’s not going to bring you as close to a traditional polysynth as maybe you might be hoping; it’s definitely different in reality than it had been in my head, is I guess what I’m saying


You can’t sequence each of the six outputs individually in Plume though, can you?

Ya, I’m not really looking for CS-80 like poly but anything I’ve heard with JT makes me wonder if it can be accessed any other way… I just got a Grid & Ansible, it’d be slick if you could send 4 seq to a JF from that.


In plume, you can fake it by triggering each of the different voices with different gate patterns. So you can’t change each voice’s pitch independently, but you can fake it by having different notes come in and out at different times