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another demo crosspost


Nice one! …a clear way to see the envs working. Hey without directly pinging the envs, can JF sync to something like the kick drum from that vid, or just by just by ear, which seems to be the case here?

EDIT: Ahh yes I see/remember now, its that last jack on the right row there…


perhaps someone here can help me better grasp the TZFM capabilities?

i’m trying to get nice glassy, melodic tones. my understanding is i need to send my quantized sequence to the v/8 input & a clean sine to the fm input and adjust the attenuator clockwise. in this case i’m using a self oscillating 3 sisters output.

is that it? when i try this i certainly get FM, but it’s not preserving the fundamental harmonics as well as i’d hoped. i know this depends on which output i’m monitoring…

any tips? fm is new territory to me.


For me too (eagerly watching for replies)


Two main options here:

First the classic setup is as you have it, but you need to send the sequence to V/8 input on both TS & JF. They should track reasonably well like this, but there’s always some degree of drift with TS (and it’s not temperature compensated like a traditional oscillator).

Second option is a self patch, using IDENTITY patched to FM input and the attenuator turned in the ‘INTONE’ direction. This works by applying FM in increasing amounts to the outputs, but importantly doesn’t apply any FM to IDENTITY. This is particularly wonderful with the INTONE control very close to unison (12:00) – creates beautiful beating tones which are great when you split two to stereo. Then when you turn the INTONE control you’re setting the relationship of Carrier to Modulator, with their collective pitch set by TIME for easy sequencing. The outputs have increasingly deep modulation to the right, and the ratio of the two oscillators opens up to a wider range as well.



thanksssssss! going to try this tonight.


Here’s another method. Try just listening to output 1 with this routing. No external sine needed. You can get a pretty good sine in JF with RAMP at 12 o’clock and CURVE fully CCW. Set INTONE fully CW and take any of the other outputs (6 for brightest FM) and plug into FM input. Intensity of FM from 12 o’clock to fully CW (Linear). That’s it. That gives lovely clean timbres, adjust INTONE for more fun, potential cacophony, but lovely sweet spots can be found, too.


Yes exactly. You’ll get two different types of sounds turning FM in either direction. Using INTONE-FM & IDENTITY as the modulator is special because it avoids feedback (ie the modulator doesn’t FM itself) – this is the traditional FM setup.


Aha. I see. Great. I’m still learning. I just sold several modules to make way for two more of these. I know we get new gear crazy sometimes, but I trust my ears. JF makes all the sounds I wanted my analogue complex oscillators to make and it’s in tune…


wow! was just thinking two would be perfect.


@Galapagoose @lloydcole

thanks so much for the tips. i had a lot of fun trying these patches out this morning.


Here’s a very quickly thrown together video to show Plume mode. Apologies for video quality. Audio is JF only, no filters, just some Strymon delay and reverb.

Master Clock is Meadowphysics.
6 triggers from MP play JF. JF TIME is played by Rene quantized CV which plays an arbitrary sequence clocked by prime divisions of MP’s clock.
Curve is modulated by the unquantized Rene CV passed through the a-152, clocked again by an arbitrary prime division of MP clock.
Run input is modulated by a simple Maths -ve LFO, switched briefly to +ve to illustrate difference.
Video starts with FM’d Sine. Manual adjustment of RAMP, CURVE, FM and INTONE.
Abrupt end hides me failing to make an elegant ending with the dummy patch.


That’s a really lovely patch and a great example of what Just friends can do. I’m looking forward to this module.


I’ve only had this a few days and haven’t explored shape mode much yet. This is just friends in sound mode, patching through the harmonic series. White whale gates sent to JF ramp and curve. WW CV sent to Mangroves for the high melody. DPO for the bass. A little bit of Roland System 101 doing a high flutter and OP1 playing a little sequence in a couple of spots. Some delay from the OTO machines bim.

Monome Isms modular I from Yanto on Vimeo.


I that was my favorite so far. really really liked that one, a lot. awesome @Yanto. So good.
op1+modular+monomegGrid I like that these go so well together and that they keep coming up over and over again.

What was it that you are using up top?


Thanks @polyoptics, isms + grid + op1 is a pretty versatile little combo. I’ve had the op1 for a fair while, but I’ve found I’m using it a lot more with this current setup.

It was an Arturia beatstep at the top. I was just using the pads to control pitch CV which I then multed to the JF, DPO and system 100.


Best one yet indeed. Looking at amount of cable patch doesn’t look super complex either. Thank you!


Sound mode
Kria cv1 to pitch, cv2 to intone
Intone knob fully counterclockwise

Wild chord sequencing abound!


My first patch with my new friend. Keeping it slow and mellow tonight.


Best friends. Match made in heaven.