Mannequins Just Friends

I just did a few new recordings with Just Friends as the main voice. I am still amazed by the sonic spectrum this little module has to offer:

(unfortunately heavy compressed because of the upload restrictions)
please note: these are not finished tracks … just me noodling around :wink:

  • JF as main voice into W/ (Tape mode) and the into Beads
  • Mangrove as Modulator into Signos (scaling and shifting) and the into OCP’s quantizer
  • OCP Quantiser Output into JF’s v/8 and Ramp
  • Various modulations by TT 281t

Edit: added a few more examples from the same recording session


Hmm, it’s not Cheat Codes, but I use Just Play on Norns and get all sorts of pitch bendy goodness with that setup.


I feel like this must have been discussed before but I can’t seem to find an answer in my search. I’m curious if it’s a hardware limitation that prevents us from setting the knob and switch values via i2c, or if it’s possible with a firmware update? I might be getting my hopes up because you can query the knob positions.

My dream would be to be able to use i2c to create presets that I can change via script, and maybe have the knob take over as soon as it is moved, or crosses over the i2c set value.

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Absolutely stunning sounds there. Great work!

Can you say any more about how W/ in tape mode is working and what it’s doing in this patch?

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I can’t exactly recall what w/ 's role was in these tracks as I just had it racked for the first time at this point. I think for the second track it played the underlying more or less static drone which I had also captured from JF … unfortunately I had to compress these tracks quite a bit to be able to upload them here (4mb max upload limit) which made them a little muddy in sound :frowning:

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There’s an extensive discussion of this in the thread here: Just Friends v4.1. I don’t have time to dig out the precise discussion, but basically it’s about breaking the base feeling of the module or creating issues where it’s hard to know what’s going on. Those things are more important to me than preset recall. So you could say it’s a hardware limitation in terms of how I want the interface to respond, rather than in terms of the theoretical capability of the microcontroller.


ahhh thanks for the link! Here’s the beginning of the discussion for anyone else curious

I can totally get behind the design of it and thanks for the context. I guess have more of a desire for it because it’s in my 200e case, where I use recall as a performance tool.

I was just hoping to use it like my buchla where I can load up a setting, mess around with the knobs instead of an external control surface, and instantly jump back to the initial setting. But I can def get by with my workarounds, it’s worth it!


Three module challenge from today (if you don’t count the output module) :

added second sound example; same patch, different knob settings
added third example; similar patch + Ableton Live Resonator PostFx


Man you have a real knack for coaxing torturing great sounds out of this module. I’ve mainly just used it as “ochd but with more control”. I really need to get with the program lol.

Is this with the latest firmware? I haven’t gotten around to updating yet - I kinda dislike the fact that the panel graphics won’t match anymore for the curve knob.

yes, this is the latest firmware. one thing to note: the actual voice from the examples above comes from Mimeophon (starts to “self resonate” with short delay times and repeat cranked up). Just Friends acts as the “brain” and is the main modulation source.


I use it mostly as a big (as in hp!) set of envelope generators these days :sweat_smile:

Hi I just made a TT scene for JF and it’s not in synth mode but PLUME RUN mode!

It also works with STRATA RUN mode. Give it a try if you have TT and Grid :laughing:


Having some issues using my newly acquired crows w/ Just Friends over i2c. It seems that any time I send JF a command the module will freeze. Front panel controls will stop responding until I power cycle my rack. I’m fairly certain that my cable is hooked up correctly. Red stripe is matched up w/ the white stripe on both modules. When I do a get for the ramp control I get a value that matches the panel control so I think I’m getting some comms before it freezes.

Any ideas?

I’ve no specialized advice as I’ve just started out on the i2c path, but are both modules on updated firmware? Any other modules on i2c?

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Both are up to date. I have a disting ex im gonna try today. I’ll report back later.

One other thing to note is that JF will do the same thing if inissue the “ii.pullup(false)” command. Im wondering if maybe its an i2c bus power issue?

Have you tried just one crow with jf (looked like maybe you’ve got two on the i2c bus)?


I have been testing with only crow and just friends on the bus. I’m using a ~15cm cable to connect them directly. Just did some tests with disting and crow only and I’m able to use commands in druid with no problems.

Same situation here. Just Friends freezes once I issue any ii.jf command. No other i2c devices connected.

When did you get your JF? Was it in the latest batch that was released a few months ago?

No, my JF is a few years old at this point :birthday:. I know someone else having the same problem with a JF that’s from the recent batch though