Mannequins Just Friends


Friend Zone on bandcampe


just ordered one - thinking it would be a perfect match for 4ms SMR as well, to control the 6 bands…


finally got one and it’s just amazing. thanks everyone who posted demo videos for helping me bite the bullet and order. i haven’t even touched the run functions yet and it’s already so deep.


Just Friends plume mode
meadowphysics 6 triggers
kria ch1 pitch
kria ch2 intone


Mine arrived today – how I love this attention to detail:

Can’t wait for the weekend to get to know this character!


I just got Just Friends on Friday, spent the last two days a little obsessed with it. Love it, deep, deep module, congrats to @Galapagoose for coming up with something so well considered. Getting one coincides with me practicing to play full compositions on the modular in single takes. Recorded this yesterday:

June 18 2016 by S Hamann.

The main sound is Just Friends, set to Sound/Transient, outputs from 3 and 6, oscillator in at trigger 6, 2 LFOs modulating Intone, sine oscillator modulating FM set to linear, with a bit of reverb. The later stepped melody is the Hertz Donut Mk1.


I just got my Just Frinds. First impressions: It’s a FUN module! I’ve only been playing in shape/transient mode to various parameters and I already get the “musical” thing about it. Even if you patch it almost randomly and just go nuts on the knobs it creates music, not noise!
(of course you can get weird noises to, especially when you self patch it)


getting to know just friends


not me


am i crazy? considering making this my first module and building a system slowly from there. plan to use it with my step sequencer and perhaps interface it with some other semi modular gear. hoping it’s something i can learn?!! i don’t mind admitting i’m somewhat intimidated. i’ve watched numerous videos and skimmed the manual, but unsure if it’s something i will be able to wrap my head around. can’t explain it, but i do feel drawn to this module, figured that’s a good enough reason to jump in despite it being a complex choice for a newbie.


read this and stopped to answer

you aren’t crazy…do it

having read the whole post I can totally understand why you might be simultaneously intimidated/intrigued

not to sound like some grizzled veteran when i’m still a learner myself, but, if it had existed when I was starting my system I wish somebody would talk me into taking the plunge

resale value and curiosity surrounding JF is high
worst case scenario you’ll be able to sell it on


thanks, appreciate the encouraging reply! i’m not technically minded and tend to fluke my way through music. i’m also very impatient - JF seems like a module that requires the exact opposite temperament :0 i think i’m going to jump out the window and worry about the landing later.


No it’s actually really intuitive, esp. as a sound source. You don’t need to ‘understand’ the internal relationships to have fun. I just got a second one. For me 2 out of 3 of the sound-generating RUN modes can also just be twiddled away on without really ‘understanding’ them.

In sound mode, at its simplist:
Intone: spread between tones relative to identity, which stays fixed.
Time: master tuning of identity.
Ramp & Curve: shapes waves like the pictographs show.
FM: FM amount if you patch something into that input.
Mix out: to hear all outputs mixed together if you aren’t able to / don’t want to mix the other outputs externally / separately.

Much more worthwhile & rewarding jump into the format than a boring old generic oscillator or whatever.

edit: as far as your self-described temperament goes, just don’t be seduced into hooking it up to a Teletype and you should be fine :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for the breakdown, sounds logical enough! i hope using it as an envelope generator will be just as intuitive! what’s teletype? i keep seeing this word pop up and haven’t read up on it. is it something to do with the firmware upgrade? that’s another aspect of JF i’m worried about. i couldn’t take it anymore so i just ordered JF but no idea what firmware version it will be!?!


I think most in the wild (edit: at shops) have the new firmware… Teletype is a module that contains its own programming ecosystem for manipulation of triggers & CV, but it can be used to access some under-the-hood stuff on JF with the new firmware. I got rid of mine b/c I realized I didn’t want to be typing & problem-solving at the modular, etc.


i will make sure to avoid any contact with that module lol


You aren’t crazy, it is a perfect module. I’ve had so many come and go, but I could never get rid of it. It is everything wonderful about modular synthesis in one module, the sound, the shapes, the plumes and flooms. The connectivity and interactions it has with other modules makes it exponentially better. I’ve often debated buying a second.


Do it! If I decided to get out of the format I’d probably keep mine with a few critical utilities and call it a day.


thats great to hear.

p/s what’s your opinion (or anyone else for that matter) regarding using JF as a primary function generator for a small system? i’m been juggling modules on modular grid and space is a consideration, but i do like restrictions. trying to make the best use of 84hp! everyone suggests Maths, but i’d like to think JF could hold its own in that department.


I used to use it for LFOs all the time, until I got Teletype. I prefer to use it for sound now, because it makes all the waves that I love. I think in a small system that the versatility would become quickly self-evident.

Also, I never owned a Maths and I never will, for what it is worth.