Mannequins Just Friends


You’ll have no regrets - probably my fav module. It certainly can be used as a primary function generator. It can do AD, ASR and pseudo ADSR type envelopes. Each have their own idiosyncrasies but are great. LFOs are also very fun. Hell, all modes are awesome. Maths is a very different module and also great. They are both very different approaches to the function generator. Neither is leaving my 6U rack anytime soon (or ever)


all music to my ears! can’t wait to get started. my first experiment will be to try and modulate my SEM patch-panel. i have no idea if the JF will modulate this thing to high heaven.


One thing that might be worth mentioning.The max amplitude of the outputs are set and so if you want to use it for more subtle modulation, attenuation is necessary. Some other modules will have built in attenuators on the inputs - looking at the SEM I don’t think it does (though I’ve not used one) A basic passive attenuator module can make a good pairing with JF.


Can you (or someone else) recommend a “basic passive attenuator” that maximizes functionality in a minimal space?


I guess this is it:


Yup or SSF Quad atten for non-DIY


I haven’t used them but there are also the KOMA in-line attenuator cables.


Thank you @AlessandroBonino @ghost and @LSA for the tips!


So does anyone know then maximum time it takes to do the slowest cycle?
Is it 60s as the panel states or can it go slower with other settings?


I don’t know what’s the minimum, but I know it can be reached in shape mode with time at the lowest setting and a negative offset to v/8 and FM.


It’s a thru-zero oscillator design, so a negative voltage in the FM can slow it down to the point that it stops and starts moving backward. The 60s on the panel is more or less the limit with a -2v offset into the v8 jack.


Picked one of these up as my intro to modular and I love it, so much fun playing around with it and exploring the dense functionality packed into this thing. I’m looking to start adding a couple more modules to start modulating it as a sound source, I’m almost dead set on picking up a Pamela’s new workout as an 8x LFO generator but I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on another Mannequins module to go along with this. I’m leaning towards Cold Mac or patching three voices into Three Sisters but I feel like I don’t have a good enough grasp on Cold Mac and might end up just patching all six outs from JF into it and using it as a linear VCA. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I’ve been patching the voices straight into my desktop mixer (Keith McMillen K-Mix) and was wondering if my best option for attentuation would be those Koma cables. Right now it’s clipping a ton no matter how low I set the trim. (Sorry if that’s a basic question, I’m pretty new to recording in general).


You would probably want something you could modulate with pams besides jf

mac is reaally cool but you dont have individual control over the inputs volume so keep that in mind, probably a quad vca mixer is what you lookin for, and shitloads of attens.

Also, mangroves, always more mangroves


I was actually thinking about Mangroves, I’ll probably end up adding one to my system sooner or later and that would give me a separate oscillator to explore the shape modes of Just Friends. I’m also wondering if a second Just Friends instead of Pam’s might be cool too, running one in Shape and one in Sound seems like it could be pretty neat.


I try to avoid duplicate modules theres always interesting alternatives that have something unique to offer.

Modulators is an excitin territory to explore tho, batumi and maths are some of the most popular options but you could go for an ura for example, random is always there for you


@Abarsotti +1 for Batumi and/or Maths. Batumi has some nice options, especially with the expert firmware which gives you random LFOs. I would advise against the URA if you’re building a small system since it only does random, afaik. Maths is nice for LFOs/triggers/utilities. They’re popular modules, but for a lot of good reasons.


Yeah I’ve been looking at Batumi as well, it seems like a really exciting module and more hands-on than Pamela’s New Workout. It’s also nice that the LFO’s in that are all independent, I’m definitely looking to stick with a small system for now and modules like that are the most appealing to me. Maths is another module I’ve been looking at since I started learning about modular but it’s never quite clicked for me, I messed around with it at Control one day and basically only used it as an LFO to modulate the Mannequins stuff I was testing out. Thanks for the insight though, I really appreciate it!


My favourite LFO/modulator is the Modcan Quad LFO. Super flexible and really fun.

Pam’s is a great module, but much more capable as an interesting and flexible master clock than as a modulation source IMO.


Maths, Batumi, and Ultra Random Analog are all great choices I think. I’ve always wanted a Batumi, but no space left :confused:

Ultra Random Analog can be used as a sample and hold, so still useful even if you don’t want to take advantage of the random elements. It also makes a great master clock.


Batumi is great. (Although I still don’t understand half of it!). As a side note a DIY poti is a very straight forward project as a first build, and encouraged me to try other, more complex builds.