Mannequins Just Friends


Is there a way to subtract outputs from the mix output in Floom mode? I picked up an Ansible so I have something to use for trigger inputs and I’m beginning to understand how to use those in other modes like Plume. Noticing that in that mode if you patch a dummy cable into the trigger to the left of another one it subtracts that trigger and all other outputs to the left from mix. In Floom though do you just have to use the individual outs to get a similar effect?


I think I’m not fully understanding this slow LFO thing. I installed the “JF_3_0_4_slow” firmware and I sent a negative voltage into Time but I’m not getting the slow LFO’s. The LEDs are bouncing around like mad. I’m sure I’m missing something crucial here. Are there any other setting I need to take into account? Are there any tutorials for this?


Set your knobs to 12 o’clock except for time?


set all to 12 o clock except time, make sure your two switches are set to SHAPE and CYCLE, nothing plugged into the RUN input…that’s all I can think of. What are you using as negative CV?


Thanks @Jonny and @n-So …but yeah very weird. Doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I’m sending channel 2 out from Maths into Time with the attenuverter all the way counter clockwise.


…and this is how it’s behaving:


Outputs 1 through 6 should run at the same speed at that intone setting. I’ve had a similar issue in that involved a solder bridge on the fm attenuator; when nothing is plugged in, it acts as an offset to either intone or frequency. What the solder bridge did was mess around with the pot’s resistance, meaning the “center point” was not physically at the center. This might be your issue.


Thanks @simondemeule … So you’re saying there’s a hardware problem? Should I contact Mannequins about this?


It might be — a way to confirm it would be to insert a dummy cable into the fm in to break the offset normalization. If it returns to normal behaviour (all outputs running at the same rate), then you have a hardware problem.


Is the issue that the negative CV isn’t doing anything, or that it is working, but the whole module is running too fast?

It does look like something strange is going on with the FM input -> clearly the channels are oscillating at very different speeds, even though INTONE is at 12:00. Thus I believe the FM knob is applying some small offset value in the INTONE direction.

Try turning the FM knob very slowly clockwise, and see if there is a point (close to 12:00) where the channels slow down to a near stop. The linear-FM can tend to dominate the TIME control at very slow speeds. If this works I can work out some kind of different scaling for that control, particularly at slow speeds.


The negative CV is not slowing it down by much at all but once I bring it into the positive range it speeds up like crazy.

When I turn FM slightly clockwise the LFO’s do slow down a lot but 1-6 still aren’t running at the same speed. This is the slowest I’ve seen yet.


Perhaps factory reset/calibration should be tried at this point?


I agree with @Jonny. Try a the “Calibration Procedure” listed here.


Just tried it and no luck. Also have a ringing/whining sound coming directly from the module now too. Guess it’s time to contact Mannequins.


Hi. I was wondering if an update of the firmware can allow this.

In Plume mode, is there a way to make JF change the intensity of the signal going out depending on the intensity of the voltage going into the trigger input ? So we can control the amplitude of each oscillator in addition to their envelopes with the signal in RUN. Moreover, it would make possible the adjustment of the sustain level, when sending a gate with different voltage in the trigger input.

Thank you.


i think what you are describing is Just Type were Teletype has controls over the additional features of Just Friends.


Yes but I don’t have Teletype, so I was wondering if there was a workaround with JF itself.


Nothing crazy, but here’s some glassy FM bell tones from Just Friends being modulated by STO. (+a healthy helping of erbeverb) Also loving a new idea of posting short sound clips to Vimeo and full performances to YouTube. :nerd_face:


20 friends of Beautiful :blush:


anyone know why my JF is continuing to run in Shape/Transient mode without a trigger??

its trippin me out

Intone 12

Ramp 12

FM 12

Curve full CW

Time full CCW

there was a trigger in 6n but then i pulled it out and it kept going (re-triggering) which if im reading the manual and understand it correctly it shouldnt do right??

ive recreated it and it seems to go away as soon as you touch/move a knob

thank you