Mannequins Mangrove


Is it me or is there no one thread about the Mannequins Mangrove?? Sure, there are the 2x Mangrove discussions, or the help-me-fix-this-particular-issue threads, but is there any one repository here for the sharing of thoughts, ideas, and patches (a la Mannequins Three Sisters)?

If not, maybe we should start it up. I, for one, would love to see how the community uses them (can you tell I’m a new mangrove owner?).



I love the Mangrove I have! It is such a great interface to be able to dial in both pitch and timbral changes with barrel and formant that are (typically) harmonically related to whatever you set v/oct at.

My favorite thing currently is using the square out for the new MI Tides “clock” in for the sound generating modes. This basically sets the Tides “root” to the pitch going into clock. It track really well from the square out as it is constant and unaffected in pitch or amplitude by barrel/formant/air. I’ll mix the formant out sounds with the stuff coming from the 4 Tides outs to create a harmonically related “thing”. This instagram video shows this (I’m using grid control mode to control the pitch of mangrove, which in turn is transposing the whole thing).


Meta: I think if anything the whole 2x Mangrove thread could be merged in here, unless there’s a bias against threads about specific pieces of equipment.


Having just acquired my own Mangrove, I’m also interested in hearing any tips beyond the documentation. I’ve had a chance to play with one previously, but now I can dig deeper.

The sound is pretty robust without filtering, so my first few experiments have been hard to sit in a mix. Even with just a JF and Mangrove, they’re both so rich that it’s hard to situate them both. They over saturate each other easily. I knew this going in, but if anyone specifically has any tips about how they like to situate Mangrove in a mix, that’d be helpful!


Any good tips on self patching or sending audio rate signals into the mangrove to create different kinds of timbres?


It might help to think about orchestration when using both. I tend to use my Mangrove pair in the range of a Cello or Tenor Sax. The buzziness you get from playing with air and formant can lend itself to those woody sounds or be like the buzzing of a string if you’re using an envelope into air.

If you’re creating drones, look at the sound with a metering display that shows FFT and look at how the harmonics line up. If things are still too rich/clashing, put barrel at 12 and formant around 10-11 o’clock to reduce the harmonics produced.


as always, it is a bit hard to give any specific tips without knowing, what you are aiming for.

one of the most straight forward end effective techniques is probably patching square into air.
play around with the positive and negative attenuation (which suppresses/amplifies different harmonic content, where negative typically leads to somewhat darker results) in conjunction with adjusting air itself.

other interesting self patching results are reached by multing formant and feeding it back into fm input, with an envelope or lfo patched into fm index.

square into barrel is also nice to get rich harmonies, especially with formant somewhat ccw to dive into the frequency dividing utone territory.

edit: and obviously a combination of those. just quickly patched up something, mangrove as only voice and audiorate oscillation source. modulating air with square-out, fm with formant-out and envelopes/lfos on barrel, formant and fm index. and yes, couldn’t resist to add a bit of delay and reverb …


ooh great tips! i stumbled into Square -> Air the other night and was loving some of the PWM-ish sounds it can get. looking forward to trying these others…


Anybody using the Mangrove for less sustained, more percussive(-ish) sounds? Say, with a low pass gate, or EG/VCFA, anything like that… is it possible to get a variety of timbres out of the Mangrove?


I’ll cross-post this clip here as an example of using the mangrove for percussive sounds with a lo-pass gate. short answer is yes it’s absolutely possible to get great percussive sounds using mangrove, in fact it’s probably better than most oscillators at doing this because you can get some exceptional percussive sounds just by sending envelopes/triggers/etc. to the Air input.


Thank you for putting up an example… I’ve been looking at Akemie’s Taiko, but the Mangrove has always been in the back of my mind. I’m looking for a more reedy / wood-chirp / ~birdsong-like / eric dolphy bass clarinet -sounding voice. I’ve been using an 0-coast and a Loquelic Iteritas, so I’m not sure how much those might overlap with a Mangrove. I’m really digging the second half / general progression of the sound clip you posted–thank you, again!


In case it’s helpful…I put together this patch, gosh, two years ago already, Birds & Reeds:

I honestly can’t remember what in the world is going on here (besides having JF in Volley mode, heavily self-patched), but I can tell that Mangrove is responsible for a lot of the timbres you might be looking for. It seems to be drifting in and out of sound source/modulator duties…

To this day, I’m still trying to re-create this patch!


fantastic! twenty charssssssssss


That’s beautifully insane!

I’m interested in trying to go towards the kind of serge-esque sounds you have going on there… can y please share some insights on the IFM modules? I can’t quite grok what those do yet…


Never really gelled with them :frowning: In fact, pretty much every module in that video (except for the Mannequins stuff) went out of the door long ago.

With the Mannequins line, I feel I can get pretty Serge-like timbres, but I need to be in a very particular, exploratory mood — there isn’t much forethought to anything…just a lot of experimental, quasi-blind patching.


I can’t definitely relate to that!


My first vid posted on lines, apologies for the quality. basically the same patch, just a little tweaking to make all the difference. first one is random triggers to ansible’s clock. random envelopes with the 506, as well as random envelopes to mangrove’s air input and sisters fm input (as far as i can tell though–took this a few weeks ago). First one gets a nice ‘drip’ effect, second one with some added birds.


I was playing around with @prussian_zen’s suggestions, and I stumbled on a sweet spot that had particularly strong vocal timbres.

The Formant knob has to be just so. I’m quantizing an LFO from Stages (offset by Sloths) through uO_C for the v/o. Barrel and Air are maxed. FM index is being fed another LFO from Stages (massaged by 321). Square is being fed to AIR, and Forment multed to FM Input, as suggested.


speaking for myself, the formant knob is right there 95% of the time


20characters of :clock1030: formant