Mannequins Mangrove

Tuning mangrove between 0-2v, I get 98.15hz - 405.6 hz as closest I can get to either end.

As far as I can tell, it’s an early edition mangrove (old style fuses). I’ve replaced 3 pots to cure a wobbly pitch problem.

Is this as expected for tuning tolerance? Can’t seem to trim closer.

that’s 50¢ sharp over two octaves which seems to be…suboptimal, at least to my expectations (no direct experience there, so maybe it’s par for the course?). A quarter-tone off is definitely noticeable in most listening contexts, fwiw.

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a Klavis Caltrans has made my mangroving way more productive. I could never get the two mangroves in my case to play nice over a few octaves. Nothing like em though!


You should have heard it before I fixed the pitch wobble :sweat_smile:

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I’ve had 3 mangroves and they all tracked much better than that after calibration. I’d get in touch with trent.

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Actually I think I was doing the calibration procedure wrongly. I was setting pitch knobs to 100hz for 0V, and then giving 3V, and adjusting trimmer, flicking between 0V and 3V.

I think I need to set pitch knobs to 100Hz for 0V, adjust trimmer for 3V/800Hz, then go back to 0V, readjust pitch knobs for 100hz, go again.



Mine tracked nearly perfectly over almost five octaves, and wouldn’t need to be tuned for the most part unless I bumped the freq knob. Mine may have been a fluke but I’d think you should get better tracking and if not I’d definitely reach out to Trent.

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The calibration procedure is a little tricky. If possible, I recommend using a sequencer to rapidly alternate between octaves and tune and trim by ear after it has warmed up. You can do it via tuner too, but I believe the pitch changes as you adjust and could work in a note mode. I think there are some posts buried in this thread about this technique if I remember correctly.


I’m almost positive there’s a Mangrove used in Fever Ray’s new “Even it Out” feat. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Check out the synth starting @ 0:51 (video NSFW).


to me it sounds like it just goes through octaves there

which implies a normal filtered pulse wave with a rotary octave switch being played

could be wrong though

edit: i listened back and I think you’re right that it’s fifths!

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I can’t say my ear for intervals is great but I’m hearing fifths?

EDIT: Apparently Trent and Alessandro Cortini have eurorack; I’m actually not sure about Atticus Ross.

If it’s fiths that’s not mangrove either, mangroves formants jump through the undertone series, which is a different, smaller jump every division, like this. This would sound a little janky in a song using standard tunings, since those divisions don’t always hit equal temperament notes