Mannequins Mangrove


Can anyone dumb down for me what FM Index means? Is it an attenuator?


“index” means “amplitude of modulation”, so it’s the CV input of a VCA.


Not sure how it actually works on Mangrove
FM Index is a parameter determining the Modulation Width (or Modulator Amplitude). Index controls the number of produced sidebands (the number of partials around the carrier frequency). In FM theory:
[Modulation Width = Modulator Frequency * Index].
As a rule of thumb there are [Index+1] produced sidebands.
In other words, the Index affects the timbral richness.


Yes, I use them through lpgs often, here is a recent one with two mangroves.

One formant out going through a Takaab lpg for the bass, a sine from 3S going into other lpj channel for variation. The higher tones are second mangrove square out into lpg and formant out direct to mixer (env into Air).

All envelopes are from jf, I think it was in shape/sustain, 3 triggers from varigate for the pattern.

I love jf, you can so easily switch from long notes to percussion in an instant as per second part of video, trigger patterns didn’t change.


Just listened to this and it’s beautiful. A great sense of flow and movement to it! Thanks for sharing it!


Very nice! 20 characters


I’ve recently added another Mangrove and playing with two of them is absolutely amazing :heart:


Killer sound man!

Mind diving in a little on how you are syncing them up? I’m new to modular, and I also have a 2 mangrove setup. I’m guessing the square wave to sync is to keep them the same pitch? I’m trying to figure out how to get that really deep sound you are getting. Been playing around with Formant out to the barrow CV on the 2nd one. Seems to get a nice pulsing FM sound.


Here is my Mangrove pretending to be a Piano, sequenced by Grids and run through the lovely Echosystem. Hope you like it.

(Patch notes are a lot simpler than what appears to be a huge patch)


wow that is lovely! talk more about the sound design here?


Thanks! I’ve started this patch by syncing one to the other by the square out, the master is receiving a sequence from Marbles then I’ve sent some modulations to their formant ins (one from JF and another from the CM follow out).


I’m also curious about the specifics of the Mangrove, 3sis, and Clouds parts of the patch, if you remember and feel like sharing. Gorgeous sound on the notes.


Thanks guys! As I noted on the YT page this patch is really all Mangrove > ThreeSisters > Optomix + Maths envelope > Clouds > Empress Echosystem.

Mangrove is at Constant Wave, Formant and Barrel is set to about 11 o’clock, and Air 2 o’clock. Formant out to Three Sisters Centre, then to Optomix. Maths and Optomix have soft and short attack and decay envelope… the magic I think really comes from the probability settings on Grid with alternating octaves, duration and notes… some notes really sing out, particularly the higher octaves. The slow tape delay Empress swirls all the notes together nicely, with a touch of reverb to boot. TBH I surprised myself how good it sounds (better than the poor recording obviously).


Is the MN lxd a good match for the mangrove? Any other good 4hp options?


Mangrove has a sort of built in VCA, so you don’t need a low pass gate or VCA after it if you have an envelope going into the AIR input. LxD is a fun module regardless however! Very woody and percussive.

I find that in a small system Mangrove is good on it’s own and there is timbre change and variety with AIR.


yes, I often patch Mangrove -> other things -> LxD


I have been using the Takaab LPG and really like it, its passive and has a switch to go between 3 levels of filtering and it is almost always connected to the Mangroves. The switches really offer a nice variation for the palette and its only 3hp, oh and I think in usd something like 30$?


Thanks for the input! I just got the mangrove so I’ll play with the air input more, I do like the percussive nature of the lxd.


This is awesome!! Was listening to Pharoah Sanders last night, and was thinking of how I could recreate some of his sounds with my rack! Great work


here’s something that’s blowing my mind right now: put Mangrove in constant formant, set up Just Friends as an envelope generator (currently: trigger into 3n, shape/transient), intone pretty far from center, patch one of the envelopes you get (3n) to control volume (LxD’s cv), and patch another (2n) to formant on Mangrove. As you vary barrel and intone, you’ll hear different flavors of “multitimbrality”, as the envelopes affect different notes differently yet in time with each other. Settings of formant and curve affect the sound hugely