Mannequins Mangrove


I made this quite a while ago already, but I think it fits the thread.

This is a deep, low drone built around manipulating Mangrove’s formant setting. The signal goes through Erbe-Verbe, set to a highly resonant, shimmery dimension, with a slowly modulated space setting. I think there might be some processing done via Three Sisters, and maybe also some feedback patching with Cold Mac. I have the bad habit of never ever taking patch notes, and it’s been a year sine I’ve done this…


I recently got a Mangrove - sounds great for the most part. However, I’m getting glitches & harsh noise at points in-between the intervals with Barrel and Formant. Even if I have them set in ‘clean’ spots, a note in the V/O can cause the beast to grunt harshly.

Is this just part of the design?


yes. you can mitigate it by setting the switch to constant wave. Basically certain settings will cause Mangrove to be very close to dividing down the pitch, so the analogue design will lead to the chaotic sound

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Thanks for clarifying - I assumed it might be an analog issue. Good to know Constant Wave alleviates it.


yeah. if you want ‘clean’ sounds make sure your formant and barrow is above 11o’ clock on the knob.

If you are new, try this.
Switch to FORMANT instead of CONSTANT.

FREQ to around 3’o clock. BARROW all the way CCW. And put FORMANT to 9o ’ clock. Now turn the FORMANT up to 2 'o clock and you will get the sound to go up in OCT and 5ths.

The higher you have FREQ in FORMANT siwtch mode, the more it will go up. Its like a crazy ARP.

Also make sure your AIR is up a bit. around 3 o 'clock or more.

Put some Reverb and it pretty sexy.


Is Erbe-Verbe the only processor on this? The stereo image on this sounds great, do you recall if you’re panning outputs from 3-Sisters or some such. I’d be curious if you can recall. Really dope.


Agreed it sounds very cool. Shame there’s no patch notes… @simondemeule i wonder if you can recreate?


I found the original recordings and there are two stereo tracks summed together, one coming from Three Sisters (I assume Low and High are hard panned), one coming from Erbe (I assume fully wet). I also think the signal going into Erbe is Sisters’ Center.

I know around that time I also played around with patching Sisters’ Center out to Cold Mac’s Crease in, then taking the Crease out to Sisters’ FM. Another thing I experimented with is patching oscillators into Erbe’s CV ins, especially to Size.

Sadly I can’t recreate as I don’t have the Erbe anymore.


I appreciate the notes. Definitely going to play around with it.

Edit: Played around with this. I had some something similar in the past. It’s really more of a 3-Sisters trick, but damn if it doesn’t sound great once you dial it in.

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was wondering if anyone here had encountered a background noise issue with Mangrove. I received one from Control yesterday and here’s the paste of the message I sent to Whimsical Support:

Today, while working with it, I began to hear an audible noise in the background (not immediately, but I had been at it around an hour before really noticed it). It persisted after I unplugged all audio signals from my output module. I unmounted Mangrove (as the newest module in my system) and the noise was gone.

I have a Pittsburgh Move 208 case with a “rev 5” power board.

this file is recording of the noise, which enters at 28 secs in (after I cycle power and remount mangrove). I then power off, unmount mangrove, and power on.

ideas? thanks!


I’m such a noob I don’t know if it is worth responding, but I SWEAR I’ve heard weird phantom sound in my Make Noise skiff when using headphones (not attributable to VCA bleed etc.). With similar modules in my Mantis case, I don’t notice anything. Dunno if this could be some kind of EM crosstalk or something? If you have another case, maybe try dropping the mangrove in there and see if you can reproduce?

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I’ve had other background noises and this wasn’t one of those. was tipped by @jwm that it sounded like a strain on my system’s load. I removed the module w the biggest power draw and ran my system for two hours doing periodic checks and the noise has not recurred.

resolved-ish, not a mangrove-specific problem. mods, do what you like here!

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Glad you got it sorted. Looking forward to hearing you put Mangrove to use.


i loooove this so much. ive watched this video over and over. cant stop thinking about this patch. my favorite thing about the mangrove are those reed / horn timbres. this patch is such a great example. i’ve messed around and gotten some very john hassell horn sounds. il share those soon


:blush: Ah, the ever-elusive patch. It’s funny - I took delivery a TXo+ this week, putting me over my 6u 84hp limit, so I decided to cut the one and only Mangrove from my case in favor of six Sisters. Now I’m re-evaluating, of course.

Looking forward to those Hassell vibes!


This is amazing! Definately the most vocal like thing I’ve heard from it. Really reminds me of Eulogy from the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack which I love :heart:


Thanks. The module seems best at those kinds of tones. It’s both simple and complex in what it does, which is a strength and a weakness from my perspective.

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I’m not going to get a chance to dig into debugging my setup, so punting for some hivemind here. I’ve got a mangrove with a dead square output. Formant seems to be behaving normally, though the pitch is wildly different from my other mangrove. Has anyone come across a dead square before?

I’m going to put it in a different case some time on the weekend, as I’ve noticed the dixie next to it is very drifty so I’m hoping it’s power strain related.


Since formant (in my impression of it) is a very clever take on “Maths ch 1, but linear ramps and pre-patch a square wave into in”), the fact that it works even though square does not points somewhat toward power strain or some similar problem


That’s a really interesting way of describing it!