Mannequins module names

Is Cold Mac short for Cold Macaroni?


I’ve wondered that too - it would make sense if you look at a fully patched module - not really spaghetti, more like macaroni, ha

i picked the cover image in my lil Cold Mac Bounce patch because i figured it was “Cold McIntosh (apple)”

but the noodle thing makes way more sense

i’ve always assumed so. nice to think of your cv as a bunch of old noodles all gelled together


cold macro

like, icy fresh wicked macros for days



what’s cooler than cool? cold.

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Trent’s Melbourne connection always made me think it was short for cold macchiato… would be in line with the Australia references in Three Sisters and Mangrove, but I could be wrong.


I thought somebody said it was the name of a mountain, but I see no evidence of this online. (weird dream?)

Might be getting mixed up with Three Sisters, although they’re not really a mountain either.

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That adds up, thanks!

Huh, I always assumed it was a reference to companion planting (corn, beans, squash).

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i’ve always thought of three sisters as a mix between the oregon volcanoes and the classic tale.

Funny, I always thought Three Sisters referred to corn, beans, and squash. So, I naturally assumed the mac in Cold Mac was macaroni. I think that promo picture of Mangrove with bananas got it in my head that there was a running food theme (at least for the initial run of modules).

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I was always certain that Three Sisters was referencing the Chekhov play!

It took me a little too long to get the Just Friends pun…

Damn, I own and know absolutely none of these modules but I like this thread a lot, special bravo to Mannequins for obviously picking references that mean something different for every country on every continent of the planet ! We got from Cold macaronis to Chekhov in only 16 posts, that must be some kind of record broken right there !