Mannequins Modules - Choices

Hello - looking to purchase some Mannequins modules and I’d like to get the community’s opinion on which ones are the best / most useful. And perhaps share some use cases.


Well there are only four, so really depends what you want.

But if you had to choose 1, I’d go with 3 Sisters since it is not only a great filter but can also track 1v/octave if you need it to be a stand alone voice.

If you don’t have to chose one, get all four! If you really want to go all in, get a second Mangrove and you will be busy for the next year. Thats what I did.

Hmmm…food for thought. I definitely don’t have to choose one. I have enough to get Mangrove, Three Sisters and Cold Mac or Just Friends and Mangrove.

do you have a modualr grid of your other modules you have?

Mangrove and Three Sisters are a great start. I’ve got 2 of each.

I may start with that. I want some money left over for an MI Rings and a White Whale.

I had mangrove before the others were out and wonder what it would sound like with the fam
currently I’m running with a WR block of: 3S/JF/CM and RIP

cold mac mangrove and perhaps even friends are somewhat redundant depending what else is in your system
but it’s not hyperbole to say 3 sisters is unmatched/irreplaceable

they are all addictive…especially if your synth is small (like mine)

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Really depends on what other modules you have… but I would say, if you’re starting a system (or even a new voice), the mangrove-sisters-mac is really the core of the mannequins. Friends is mostly just crazy modulation butter poured over whatever other modules one might have.


So…I just started a system about a month ago and have:

– Snazzy FX Tidal Wave (in love with this)
– Snazzy FX Wow and Flutter
– Make Noise Function
– Intellijel Dr. Octature
– Ansible
– MI Clouds

And looking to expand :slight_smile:

This is, of course, in addition to some basic utilities like in / outs, mults, etc. Needing some attenuators at the moment as well.

[quote=“iggrok, post:9, topic:4709”]
– Snazzy FX Wow and Flutter
[/quote]:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

always wanted one!

My first and only mannequins module is Cold Mac. It’s a strange module. It can do lots of things but when you patch in one function you sometimes lose the ability to patch something else that it can do. I like it though. It doesn’t always get used or used entirely in my patches but it can do some cool stuff.

Free patch idea: patch gate and velocity CV to the analog AND to get a velocity dependent gate. Patch that to the optomix level in or some such.

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I started my rack with a mangrove, sisters, and a white whale. It kept me occupied for a while and got me hooked. My rack has grown immensely. You mentioned wanting a MI Rings, its also great fun. Remember if you get a White Whale you might want to get a Monome switch, plus and output unit. I use Make Noise Rosie!

I started with Mangrove, Three Sisters and Cold Mac, plus:

  • Tangle Quartet
  • Clouds
  • Warps
  • Peaks
  • Maths
  • Brain Seed
  • G8
  • Radio Music
  • Batumi + Poti
  • Malekko Performance Multiple
  • MUTE 4

All together that’s exactly 126HP in 3U. I can’t imagine replacing anything in this instrument.

Moving on, I’ll be adding:

  • Switch
  • Meadowphysics
  • Earthsea
  • Ansible
  • Just Friends
  • +1 Mangrove

…among other things. I don’t have an output unit, I just take signals directly to my mixer. That may change down the road.

I can strongly endorse all three of the WR modules I currently own, even if they make me scratch my head sometimes.