Mannequins/monome system advice needed

Hello fellas.

I´m startin to plan my next modular case, and I´ve decided to go for a small Mannequins combo (2xMangrove, JF, 3Sis and Cold Mac) with an ansible plus grid for sequencing duties.

I also have another small system, but it is pretty self contained, I like my cases to grow and exist as individual instruments, so the plan is to avoid dependance between em.

Question is, what other modules would you go for first to complement the mannequins ecosystem? VCAs? FX?

My music is mostly minimal, experimental, technoish stuff.


Sampling, granulation and reverb will bring in sounds that cannot be created only with oscillators, waveshapers and filters. I personally love Make Noise’s design philosophy and find both Morphagene and Erbe-Verb to fit very well with Mannequins modules; the stereo nature of Morphagene allows really wild feedback patching with Cold Mac and Three Sisters, and the Erbe-Verbe adds a loth of depth and character to any synthetic sound. I also love the fact that it’s made up of modeless, continuous parameters. Both also take in and provide CVs that you won’t necessarily get on most modules, like tempo in for clock-synced events, enveloppe followers, etc. They can wildly go into ambient, experimental territory, or play along in much more conservative roles — ie plain reverb and sampling.

I got an erbe in my actual case and couldnt agree more, totally priceless.

Im kinda afraid being short of utilies with just mannequins, specially VCAs/attens, or more envelopes/LPGs if I want to get sound out of the JF.

You’re completely right on wanting these extra bits — Just Friends does so many things (and it does all of those ridiculously well) it’s much better having a system that doesn’t tie it down to a specific function by covering function generation with another module and having at least another sound source (which you have). I’d say the same goes for Cold Mac — extra VCAs, atten and offset are a must. It’s when they’re free that you can get really creative with the way you patch them. I find the Mannequins approach to synthesis really beautiful — the way it puts very meaningful control in your hands and encourages many parallel routings and feedback paths to be created makes the experience delightful.

I have a somewhat similar system (the full Mannequins family + ES-8, Erbe, René, Tempi) and for these reasons I’m really craving for a Maths and Tangle Quartet.

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Ty for the input I´ll keep on researching =)

I’d look at utilities before anything else - if you look at the top row of an ISMS case thats the stuff you need to look at + some buffered multi’s to distribute your CV’s from the sequencer and an audio mixer with mutes. A quad attenuator/offset or CV mixer for Just Friends cv outs. A quad VCA like Mutable Veils or Intellijels Quad, again for Just Friends. If you ever see an Intellijel Hexvca / Mutagen combo - buy it, its perfect. Also look at dual low pass gates from Makenoise for percussive stuff. Later on, then look at the bells and whistles, but that is really down to taste and your style of music. I would definitely demo the other expensive stuff before buying. I do love the Morphagene with this system and lusting for an Erb-Verb but i also like external FX like a Count to 5 / Space.

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I feel like a lot of the intellijel stuff pairs nicely w/ the mannequins/monome stuff (and not just because the knobs match). Their 4u (and 7u) cases have the 1u utility row and are pretty handy. I could see adding a quadVCA, quadratt, noise tools, a spring ray and some 2hp modules and having a really playable system.
something like this…


Are the intellijel vcas 10volt std?? heard somewhere youll need to attenuate control signals cus they dont

killer system, ill rather use external verb for a spring one and use the hp for lpgs but otherwise seems rock solid

Not sure what was referred to as “10volt std” as there is no eurorack standard for voltages other than bus power. But the quad vca has attenuators on the CV ins (first pots from the left)

just wanted to add +1 for the morphagene. fantastic addition to any system, but especially one that doesn’t yet include sampling.

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Reverb is always the first thing I reach for but I’m not sure you NEED to do it in the case unless you want the whole thing to be compact and together. A Disting mk4 has delay, reverb, and a few other FX algorithms and a ton of utilities you might want and its only 4hp. The mk4 also has a two track SD recorder which is really handy for an all-in-one system.

Also, for 2hp less you could look at the Bastl Quad Figarro quad VCA. More options in I/O there. I quite like their ABC for mixing duties as well. A QF, ABC, and Skis (or Hendrikson) would make a nice 20hp VCA/utility/external FX bundle. I don’t mind the wooden panels but to each their own. I’m a big fan of their stuff. The Skis would free up the JF for basic envelopes but can also be a VCA itself. ABC would free CM up from mixing duties and can be “stereo”. I’m also using their Dude mixer for my small, portable system. Its pretty basic but works perfect for my needs.

Im in love with Bastl stuff knit rider and grandpa alone are total nuts. They make aluminium panels now, uber sexy

I’ve got the Quattro Figaro and the Quad VCA. I’d go for the Quad VCA for a small system - for me the exp response is more useful than the stereo normalling and inversion.

But they’re both great!

Skis is good as well for a small space. Or maybe an LPG - I don’t have one, but the LxD would be useful.

I got a bunch of MN stuff in my current system and both the opto an LxD are awesome are super handy for saving envelopes. Not the most hp-effective when it comes to plain VCAs but theyve their own appeal

This thread makes me curious as JF was my first module, which I absolutely love. Completely newbie question, but I’m wondering how beneficial Maths would be for a mannequins set up? Especially alongside Cold Mac as fir sone reason I think of that module as being a bit like maths

maths wouldve useful even in a desert island

it will free jf from envelopes duties and let you explore sound mode deeply

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yes, Just Friends is just as awesome as an oscillator, and you sure need some other function generator if you want to use it as such. The solution can be Maths, or maybe Teletype (not sure, there’s one on the way) or the one @mlogger concocted: buying two JF.


For me, MATHS is a good choice because you get the attenuverters along with your function generators which will allow you to operate the Run jack, create complex envelopes or LFOs, and/or some simple logic. MATHS doesn’t really do the oscillator thing all that well, IMO, but has nice snappy envelopes so you could easily justify both.

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other than the fact ones digital and the other is analog, how does JF’s oscillator compare to the Mangrove?