Mannequins/monome system advice needed

You would really have to listen to/watch some videos. They are different but definitely members of the same tribe. JF is probably the more flexible of the two but Mangrove does the formant thing very well and tends to sound more natural, dare I say “organic”, like an oboe or clarinet but can get into piano territory as well. There’s already a good collection of videos on the JF thread. Here’s a mangrove video from another forum member @stripes that I think is beautiful.


jf has a cool total of 6 outputs and can be teletyped into a full-blown eurorack polysnth

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I do not know, I never thought they could be compared.
It’s actually the second time I get asked this question, both today.
I’ll spam my video with JF as an oscillator then:


Considering adding a Befaco Rampage to pair with my Mannequins as I’m lacking the extra HP needed for Maths. Anyone here doing the same?