Mannequins RIP, RIP?

I’m pretty sure this has been authoritatively addressed, but searching wasn’t turning up a definitive answer. Meng Qi seems to corroborate its demise on his site vis-à-vis his Please Exist. Nevertheless, I ask: is there any chance in hell that this will ever be reintroduced?

If not, anyone have one they want to sell?


i might be putting my foot in my mouth but there’s no chance in hell based on the 1st edition

it was never meant to be a large run and even the limited stock took quite some time to sell out
(presumably because folks didnt understand it or want it)

if initial response had been more enthusiastic more editions might exist

anybody who wants this might as well try mengqi’s revision


Really! That seems surprising. Based on specs, Cinemag transformers, etc., it seems like a no-brainer to me. Without having actually tried all the line in/out modules out there, most of them strike me as pretty mediocre based on specs, and the few I’ve used and/or own are fine for jamming, but not so fine for high quality recording.

High quality transformer balanced outs with ground lift and the option of going in the opposite direction? Please and thank you!


i cant lie
had no issue with the price but i didnt understand what transformers are for until i heard about it

also mabye i exagerrated how long it took to sell out (i missed the initial direct sale from WR hq)

what put me over the edge was hearing recordings and talking to @analogue01 about usage in a live setting & interfacing with a soundcard

ended up getting mine from another lines member and am super glad i snagged it

this old thread is where I learned a bit (along with a similar lengthier one on MW)


I didn’t know anyone griped about the price. Again, quality of components with described functionality is worth real money.

In the higher end of pro audio, certain transformers can almost become the stuff of folklore, and you’ll find some very polarized opinions on the virtues or sins of transformer balanced versus transformerless balanced circuits. Don’t even look at serious microphone preamps. I can think of at least one that will cost you $3,500 for one single channel of mic amplification, and $1,000 per channel is routine. That’s to do one thing only: amplify a microphone signal to line level. That’s it.

There is also the additional feature of saturation effect, but I’m less concerned about that. A nice benefit though.


Why not build your own?

This one is $149 with Cinemag transformer


good point

just need to adapt it to 1/8" jacks
also, some folks want everything possible in the rack itself but that goal should still be possible with the kit

anybody else have RIP?
I never really use cv to drive saturation…any examples of that you’re willing to share?

If something has a price, someone is standing by to gripe about it, have no doubt. But I think a lot of people didn’t understand what it was.

I didn’t get one just because I keep a small system and couldn’t justify rack space for something that has external alternatives. But I kind of regret it, it was lovely to look at it and actually was a pretty good deal for two channels, seems to barely cover costs.


mlogger, I already have very high quality external DIs. I’d just like to have a nice stereo transformer balanced out in a 3U module format. Plus, I really love the Mannequins ethos and sound, and as s_hamann pointed out, it’s lovely to look at as well. I dig that.

Are you thinking about running CV in to it? I’m confused about what you mean. This would be strictly audio in audio out. No CVs functions…unless this module is even more of a miracle than the other ones!

So if anyone wants to part with an RIP, LMK SVP.

i love my RIP.

RIP may be discontinued but there are transformers looming in the future…


Presently waiting on a shipment of transformers for another project, but there’s likely going to be another short run of these available at some point. They might be a little more expensive to justify it beyond the initial passion project state, but time will tell.

Don’t hold your breath though. Other priorities exist!


I have an idea of what you’re getting at, and I like it!

That will tide me over.

Breath not held.

But as someone who grew up surfing, I pretty much need one of those.

Also, is it weird to admit that the lifter reminds me almost as much of the Rush 2112 starman as it does anyone who might have hung out at Venice Beach? :o


It doesn’t output dc voltage, but the inputs are dc coupled and will saturate into extreme distortion territory if you mix cv in with the audio signal.

As for other euro output modules, I would get the wmd pro output if you absolutely needed one. No transformers, but I can’t see anything else to dislike about it.


Thanks. I knew about the inputs being DC coupled but hadn’t thought of mixing CV with audio. Personally, that’s not something I’d use, but cool that it’s there.

Thanks for the tip on the WMD module. As this isn’t actually a problem for me right now, I’m going to hold out for an RIP or RIP 2…or mystery Monome/Mannequins -isms 2 thingymabob.

Does it do the Moog CP1 trick of distorting differently depending on a positive or negative offset?

Here’s a quick recording to show RIP’s cv saturation thing.

3 sines from Sisters mix out into RIP A and out of B. (the normalization runs the signal through both transformers when no 1/4" jacks are present)
Offset voltage from an Isms attenuator mixed with the signal pushes RIP transformers into saturation.
The offset voltage is slowly turned up and then down.

can’t figure out the embedding


I think the Moog CP3 does not saturate differently regarding to a fed in positive/negative offset but the normal and inverted outputs are saturating in different ways when the module is driven hard.

Thanks - that actually sounds quite nice!

(just copy and paste the address line of the browser for soundcloud embedding :+1:)


is there a comeback in sight?
ships mid december 2016?

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Well I’ll be damned. Look at that: an actual Christmas Miracle!

Well spotted.

This I will pre-order.

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