Mannequins RIP, RIP?


Well ‘mid-december’ should def be updated, but the transformers are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!


This is such great news - missed out the first time round and always regretted it - my preorder is also in!


RIPPED! and… um… discourse software!


Ordered! Curious how many runs of 25 you sold earlier @Galapagoose


This is 2nd batch. Should start shipping first few orders next week. Still ~10 left of this batch.


anyone have an A/B recording with and without transformers? i’m intrigued but but must admit i have no idea what this sounds like…


Hastily ordered mine minutes before heading off in to the depths of the Mojave Desert with my son for our annual Mojave Preserve trip; birding (beautiful buteos mainly), artifact collecting, botanizing, rainbow watching, snow-hunting, joshua tree high-fiving, off road touring, sunset watching, rain enjoying, ruins exploring, cactus admiring, hiking, cinder cone looking, lava tube crawling, rock throwing, train spotting, mines exploring, general paleontological prehistory stuffing fun.

Did some excellent field recording as well!


I think someone posted audio of this a bit ago but can’t seem to find it. Anyone remember?

Thanks in advance!


From the RIP page:

RIP is fully passive, with DC coupled inputs. You can’t pass DC, but rather use it creatively to drive the iron cores into saturation.

Would still love to hear audio but in the meantime, could someone explain how this works? Is there an accompanying volume dip due to waveform clipping? Man I so love transformer saturation that I’m dying to trying this out!

EDIT: @le_palace pointed me to the audio by @ng_ which is a bit earlier in this thread.


I’ll post a track if nobody does by tomorrow


Cool. Thanks! In a nutshell can you describe how you’re doing this? What kinds of modulators? (LFOs?) Very curious to see what happens with slowwww modulation.



I remember accidently mingling audio w/ lfo from JF & TT

I’ll see if I have time to do again deliberately


Offset voltage from an Isms attenuator mixed with the signal pushes RIP transformers into saturation.

im even a little confused with this description. are you saying you increase the volume of the audio signal (simply by using an attenuator) going into input A until it distorts on RIP? i don’t think so as the volume of the sine waves didn’t really increase. i know im missing something basic here…

thanks in advance


you mix DC signal into the AC signal :+1:


The Isms attenuators have a 5v normalization. I should’ve explained that.


You shift the audio signal more into the negative or positive range by the offset voltage so the half of it will saturate. Technically it stays at the same volume and with an AC coupled device the offset effect would be ironed out.


thanks for the quick responses. this absolutely makes sense.


If anyone would be so kind as to have a look at (or happen to know) the width of the PCB on the RIP please, I’d be most grateful.
Would be keen to convert this into 1u (intellijel) format, but the pcb would need to fit through the 25mm gap between rails. I’d have to figure out a way to keep the graphics though…



The board is 25mm, but the transformer covers have a diameter of ~28mm so there’s no way it’ll fit.

Just measured btw; haven’t installed mine yet.


:thumbsup: Waiting on mine but was just going to chime in that @Larrea posted a nice picture over here:

Gives you an idea what you’d be up against…