Mannequins RIP, RIP?


And actually, while it’s out, could you confirm that it’s roughly 39mm deep?


36mm from the back of the transformers to the back of the panel. Add ~2mm for panel thickness if that matters to you.

Previous diameter noted, I suppose you could always grind out clearance on the rails.

While I really like the idea of modifying modules to fit in the Intellijel 1U spaces, and have even considered/am still considering doing so with certain modules, my personal opinion is that the RIP is far too perfect even as an aesthetic object to warrant physically tampering with the panel. It’s compositional integrity would be ruined, to say nothing of the fact that the graphics would be mis-oriented (it sort of demands correct orientation). As a former surfer, my fee fees are strong on this! :ocean: :cry:


I’ve never recommended against Mannequins - but how about a Meng Qi tile or two? It’s actually based on the RIP and you can spare a beautiful module from modification.


Note that afaik no info about what transformers he uses. So, inspired by or “based on” isn’t equals.
Saying this as someone who really likes the design of Please Exist too.


Thanks all.
I’m certainly not in the business of butchering beautiful modules. It is simply an issue of rack space. It’s all academic at the moment though, as RIP is sold out again (although the website still suggests otherwise), and who knows if/when another run will happen.

My hesitation on the please exist is based on lack of details e.g. What transformers used? Intellijel vs. Pulp logic et al 1u format? Will drop him an email.
I’m guessing they won’t be the same cinemags as in the RIP given the size and price.

Might have to go the diy route.


There are some photos of the 3U DIY version of Please Exist here. My understanding is that the circuit boards are shared between the 1U and 3U versions.

Let’s see if we can summon @MengQiMusic


PE uses transformers made locally, so yes it’s not the same as RIP, and PE are unbalanced while RIP are balanced.
1u is pulplogic format.


@MengQiMusic do you know if it would it fit in the intellijel sized format w/ a different faceplate?


no it won’t, the pcb is wider than the intellijel 1u gap.
i would recommend getting some transformers, fix them in place at the bottom of your case and wire it to a DIY faceplate.


I had been thinking of this option.
I think I’ll give this a try. Thanks for the input!
Will report back if/when I get this done.


just FYI if anyone is looking for a transformer-based output option since the RIP isn’t available - Happy Nerding recently released Isolator.I have no connection to them, just thought I’d share. They apparently use NOS Soviet transformers.


Every now and then I think of DIYing a transformer coupled IO for myself. I’ve browsed Mouser a bit for a suitable transformer but it’s hard to know what would sound good based on spec sheets.

Does anyone have a part number suggestion for a good modular-to-line level audio transformer?

(Sorry to hijack the RIP thread with something only tangentially related.)


Maybe check with or contact Cinemag. They are very highly regarded in the audio world.


please forgive my ignorance on the subject, and it seems these aren’t really made any more anyway, but what is the difference between using 1/8’’ to 1/4’’ cables going from my modular into a mixer, VS using RIP and then going into a mixer? Less noise? Other than the noise that morphagene seems to spit out, I’ve never seemed to have a real noise problem just using cables that go straight from modular to mixer. :thinking: I am interested in playing live and saw two of these modules in Rob Lowe’s case - is it just a preference of using these vs. an external DI box?


With the ground lift you can eliminate ground loops, which can sometimes be a problem (causing a hum). They are also used to provide a coloration to the sound that some people may like .


I built them bc they sound nice when you overdrive them. Also I needed an output module and this was the simplest solution I could imagine. Seemed too ridiculous of an object not to offer it to the public. By all means though, don’t feel inclined to ‘get’ it. A rare piece of audio nerd voodoo that I actually buy into.


I wonder what sort of system it would go well w/.


Thanks, I can definitely respect that attention to sonic detail and I think it’s awesome that you made it public! Also that panel is damn gorgeous. :heart_eyes:


How soon will there be a new batch? I understand you’re probably busy with w/. :slight_smile:


I know Whimsical is still busy with all the new things, but I’m bumping this to say that I’m still interested in obtaining a RIP module. Perhaps some of us could express interest in order to gauge the feasibility of another run?