Mannequins RIP, RIP?


I will certainly pick one up if/when there is another run.


I think the whimsical site indicates that more are coming. I assume another limited run will happen this year, but that Mannequins has their hands full right now.


I would also be very quick to pick up a RIP if this is not just fantasy!


Also very interested


Sign me up too, always miss out when the rare one comes up for resale.


Just wanted to point out that currently Meng Qi has something similar for sale:


@MengQiMusic’s PE2 looks really great. I ordered one a few days ago… after finding this thread lol :slight_smile:


another proud PE2 owner here. very happy with the options on this one, and overdrive is superb.


i’m not sure if i’ve posted this here, but take a look


Also have a @MengQiMusic PE2 and really like it, but I will definitely buy an RIP when/if @Galapagoose produces more.


I hereby voice my enthusiasm for a plausible new RIP batch :surfing_man:


Well it feels like I have had a permanent 6hp gap saved for this. Wonder if another batch is forthcoming?


Also interested! Really need one of theese)


Color me interested as well!


You could count me in on one.


I’m curious what folks looking after a RIP see it would do that Please Exist 2 doesn’t?


it’s the tubes! transformers!!


Please Exist one and 2 are both passive, transformer-based designs though.

I don’t know if it’s true but I remember reading that “Please Exist” is called that because Meng Qi is “speaking” to RIP. please don’t be dead, RIP. please Exist.


Can’t speak for others, but I would imagine most of us looking for RIP want to have a complete Mannequins set.


I mean, I was wondering if it is because it says Mannequins on it.

I’ve NEVER bought something to complete a set, oh no, not me.