Mannequins RIP, RIP?


I just want to give Gil mo money.


I think the transformers might be different, hence my snarky comment.


That’s my understanding, I think they’re some secret custom transformers. But who knows what the aurally perceptible difference is :stuck_out_tongue:


I think actually the transformers, at least the company, are mentioned specifically in this thread or another! Also in that thread, RIP seems to make Mannequins basically no money, so I imagine we won’t see any unless they end up with more transformers for another reason.


The RIP transformers are public, and maybe the Please Exist mk1, P.E. mk2 dunno? Not that I’m following that closely :sunglasses:

Edit: I’m using one of those stereo Radial JDI DIs, which excepting any coloration real or imagined certainly helped squash a bunch of noise.


Sorry after I wrote that I was like “of course @alanza knows how PE2 is designed, better than me”. Despite about 90% of what I write needing “light irony” markers around it I often fail to recognize it in others.

I also recognize it may have been somewhat 'splaining, and regardless how it came across, I am taking it as data for course correction.


Yes, they are different transformers - RIP uses pricey Cinemag, Please Exist doesn’t. RIP fits in my isms case, please exist wouldn’t :slight_smile:


I always wondered why the Please Exist DIY kit was $175 for something that seemed so basic. Then I learned about transformers.


Yes they are pricey - You can go DIY and get an external passive box from here and choose Cinemag CM-DBX transformer option - $150 and that’s just with 1 transformer.


I never fully realized how lucky I was to get RIP second hand :sunny:


If someone want to go DIY, these seem to be the transformers MengQi uses for Please Exist :


I figured i want sth else from such a module and going diy right now.
I wanted really unique response that i might be able to hear with my unprofessional monitoring… so i went for a big vintage iron core transformer (same price region as the Cinemags Gil uses) and wire it up at the end of a 8 to 1 mono summing pcb (retrokits + resistors for making it mono).

What i wont have is the high ratio of 1:15 or 1:12 the cinemags have wich is probably cool to boost line signals into the modular. But maybe 1:4 can give me a bit of that aswell.

Anyway afaik anther batch is coming some time this year. Just my plans turned out to a different need so->diy
And i need to squeeze that in 5hp to have room for a 2nd JF :smiley: damn addictive joys


FWIW, please exist 2 sounds great.


The Isms depth issue is my biggest concern with looking at the PE2 vs RIP.


I believe that the Cinemag transformers are shielded and PE2’s are not. Probably not completely necessary in most systems, but it never hurts.

I would buy a RIP if any more were ever made available without hesitation. And, yes, partly just to “complete the set.”


I’m not sure of the cost of the other components or amount of labor involved, but I just checked with Cinemag and it looks like the current cost of the CM-DBX-PC is $56.04 for quantities of 1-10, and $48.73 for quantities of 11-49. With the demand, is there the potential of a group buy or a Mannequins diy kit with everything minus the transformers?


I’d love a mannequins diy kit for this :slight_smile:


I’ve learned it’s a Bad Idea to Give Businesses Advice on How To Do Business, but perhaps if there were a group of folks who wanted a RIP so much that they’d pre-pay for it, that might offset the liquidity bruise associated with having to acquire such an expensive payload of raw materials … ?



:clap: Now I just wish to see the same for cold mac :smiley: