Mannequins RIP, RIP?


Yay! I can finally get ripped, tho


OmGAS. That purchase was frighteningly immediate. Thanks for offering these again :slight_smile:


Never thought I’d get one, but got an order in! My isms will finally be complete…

So much for my “no Eurorack purchase until end of next month” resolution…


Did the same, figured it’s been this long that they’re out of stock and I’d regret not picking one up later on. Glad I saw this in time.


Not sure how I’m going to Jenga it into my case, but I’m happy to have one incoming! :star_struck:


I don’t even really understand what it does (will go back and read this thread later) but I figured I may never see it up for sale again. Ordered


It’s an output module (and/or an input module) that uses very high-quality transformers to go from euro-level signals to line-level signals (and convert from 1/4" to 3.5mm).


Anybody have a recommendation for some solid TRS cables that won’t break the bank? Psyched to stop using patch cables plugged into 1/8"-1/4" adapters :raised_hands:


i’ve been using hosa cables in my recording setups for years and they have been very reliable for me


Yeah that’s what I was looking at just now, they’re super affordable which is great. I’ve looked at the Pro Co ones that Sweetwater sell (not sure if that’s their own brand or what, haven’t seen them elsewhere) but I might just pick up a couple Hosa ones instead, I doubt I’d notice a difference if there is one.


I vouch for GLS cables, of which I have probably 50, like so:


I’m ready to rip. :grinning:


Gulp. I thought my first module was going to be the Morphagene but here we are. Suppose I’d better find some friends for this little one.

Best day to get my first (small) tax refund as well.


2nd on the recommendations for both Hosa and GLS cables. I’ve used both over the years and can’t recall any issues with either!


RIP as your first module is epic and very strange :slight_smile: congrats, welcome to modular!


Thanks! Definitely good timing from HMRC. It’s certainly odd but one utility I won’t need to worry about when I’m getting the rest of the team together. :slightly_smiling_face:


And of course, I’m broke right now. Damn you first-of-the-month!


Does anyone have any pictures of the sides and back of this module out of curiosity?


I think there is one on @analogue01 ‘s insta.