Mannequins RIP, RIP?


Really curious if this would fit in the 1u tile space of a 4u Intellijel case, but it seems unlikely…


confirmed no, can’t remember where i read it today but it’s apparently about 3 mm too wide



Past batches were just 25, wondering if they made some more this time.


wait do we need to add an additional RIP to the title for the time being?


Ordered mine! Not sure it is limited run this time but I gotta grab it anyway.


I ordered one too, even if I don’t actually need it right now, but if it’s the LAST RUN? Will I regret not ordering it now that it’s available? Future me, I am doing it for you! Remember! :grimacing:


I’m doing all I can to fight the GAS as I know I do not need this, but the idea of having all the Whimsical Raps modules is raging hard right now. I can be strong. I must remain vigilant against the ravaging intensity of GAS.


@unity2k you need it. You just don’t know it yet. Ask your heart.


@AlessandroBonino you are special kind of evil. Check your dark blackened heart. :slight_smile:


i am in the exact same boat right now


Ordered mine. Love the minimalism. And I’ve always been slightly suspicious of my Intellijel Audio Interface modules.


I am tempted to get a second RIP since they still seem to have them and I am approaching full double Mannequins, but that seems like the epitome of gratuitous GAS.


Been contemplating this most of the day as well…!


I figured how to emulate the way I use my 6hp 2-knob vca using the er-301 the night before this came back in stock so I took it as fate that I needed a RIP :sweat_smile:

(I have actually been looking for level shifting in/out of the system so it wasn’t quite that silly of a reason, but that definitely aided in me not hesitating to purchase, hah)


Glad I’m not in a rush!


Just received a message saying that due to the amount of RIP orders, mine won’t be shipped till next week. Which is fine considering I was able to get one in the first place


Order #1849, just got the same message. I kind of expected that they would take a bit of time anyway, so this wasn’t earth shattering.


I have a Rosie that I’m happy with. Why would I want a Rip? Other than the desire to have at least one of every Mannequins module, which is understandable…


RIP offers:

  1. High quality cinemag transformers (audiophile mojo).
  2. Ability to overdrive the transformers in creative ways by adding DC signal your audio signal.
  3. Ground lift
  4. Input / Output (it’s bidirectional)

And yes, you can ‘complete’ the Mannequins set. Can see myself putting all the Mannequins stuff in a small skiff at some point to have a (mostly) one manufacturer system.


You can order parts as well as custom cables if needed. Also can second (or third or fourth at this point) Hosa working great as well :+1:t3: