Mannequins RIP, RIP?


Curious about this, when you say add dc what would this mean, like add a dc offset from another module and that can push the transformers causing overdriving at higher, audible frequencies?


Yes, that’s my understanding of how it’ll work. Guess I’ll find out - there’s not a whole lot of examples of it, but there’s audio earlier in the thread from @ng_

I’m not sure how/if that could also work with LFOs though, but perhaps that could be interesting too?


Thanks I’ll pop up towards the top of the thread I think I skimmed through quite a while ago


I fought the GAS, and won!

I would take this as a victory but it’s mostly so I know I’ll be able to buy a norns in Sept.


UPS gave me a scare leaving this on my doorstep despite having requested to have it held at the store by my house but the synth gods were looking out :pray: It is beautiful, thanks @Galapagoose and @izzy!


All sold out according to the site.


This photo belies just how heavy the CineMags are… I think Rip doubled the weight of my case! :laughing:

Thanks @Galapagoose and @izzy!


damn missed out. hope to see another batch made