Mannequins stock update December 2020

It’s been a strange year for all of us, but finally some (rare) good news about manufacturing!

We’re restocking Just Friends as we speak & shipping to retailers in the next couple of days. There won’t immediately be enough stock worldwide, but hopefully close. More units are coming in the new year, so you won’t have to wait too long. These should be available early the week of Dec 21.

A limited number of units will be sold direct through our website. They will go live on December 21 @ 10am EST, and are only available to North American customers. We will return to worldwide shipping once our retailers are restocked.

Just Friends comes in new retail packaging (featuring local artist, Annie Zhao). We’ve overhauled our testing system to be able to test faster, and more reliably. Plus there is a new 3-part front-panel featuring the same diffused led technology from W/ — The lights are more consistent at all angles. Functionality & price remain the same.

Mangrove & Three Sisters continue to be delayed for a number of reasons, but I’m committed to having them available again early in 2021.

W/ firmware continues to progress here, and we intend to have a release-candidate for version 2 around new year. Modules will be available for purchase again once the update is complete.

New year’s eve represents the 6(!) year anniversary of Mannequins. We’re doing our best to have a limited-edition, hand-built run of one of our modules to celebrate. They will be silent auctioned for charity in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. More information once we have the boards confirmed.

94 Likes appears just friends may be the only Mannequins module back in stock at the moment, super exciting though.


FYI :handshake:


Whimsical raps site still lists them as sold out, but now with this accompanying text:

But yeah, I just preordered from Control. Very excited to start using this with TT and norns+crow.

Waiting patiently here in Germany for my preorder at Schneiders :innocent:


In the same boat, wondering if this batch is large enough to land one.

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was too slow to get in on the order from control it seems, but i put in a pre-order over at control voltage!! hope im high enough on the list to snag one this round (:

curious to hear how jf lands in ppls workflows in terms of acting as a modulation source. im excited to add a crow+er301 to the setup down the road, but for now ill be running jf w/o i2c… so my mind lately has been thinking of it as a modulator, & im curious to hear how others r using it to that effect.

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I impulse-preordered and I’m wondering the same. I’m not gelling with Stages and it’s the same size, so the swap is obvious. However, I am also interested in the other wonderful things it does!

Same for me. Schneider’s website now says December 28. :+1:

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Yeah, just saw the december 28th on schneiders. I wrote them, hoping for confirmation that there will be one for me, (ordered october 14th) :slight_smile:

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If anyone in the U.K. is looking for one:


Just ordered a set of modules from there and actually can’t fault them. Delivery was sent that day for next day before 1pm. Excellent!

Just pre-ordered! never heard of this shop actually… there is a nice discount for the first purchase as well

how do the pre-orders at control / etc work ? i assumed they had a certain amount of stock lined up & they would close preorders once that was accounted for, but comments here are suggesting otherwise ?

sorry to continue to fill the thread with ordering things stuff :- |

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I assumed the same but I’m not sure. Keep fingers crossed!

Totally missed the Schneider’s update with the 28. I preordered mid September. Keeping my fingers crossed that everybody here gets one :blush:

ive heard ppl from control say this is how their system works… for just friends this week they had pre-orders up, then a sold out notification, but now pre-orders seem to be back up again w a new eta of january.

not sure abt other stores pre-order policies, i think it varies…

I’m eagerly looking forward to this!


Mangrove is one of the modules I regret the most that I sold (back when I cut my system in half) - it sounds absolutely lovely. Really hope they come back in stock one day. :slight_smile:


I have a 10hp space in my palette waiting for this. Looking forward to that next batch :yum:

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