Mannequins Three Sisters

A stackable cable works great for this, too.

embrace the noise? :om: :laughing: :v:


Also wanted to chime in and say that of the two 3 Sisters I’ve owned, both had frequency dependent clipping with high amplitude input signals. Generous gain staging can result in cleaner sounds, but either way I hope you enjoy it :+1:

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Somewhere in this thread there is a mention of using three sisters as a stereo lowpass filter. I never tried it but yesterday i needed a second lowpass filter on something and then this module patch came up in my mind. I basically used three sisters as 2 “independent” lowpass filters which are linked and can be offset by span.

Love this module :slight_smile:

For anybody who doesn’'t know yet:
Split audio to mixer and sisters highpass input.
Splitted audio and highpass out into mixer. The highpass signal will cancel out the originals audio high frequencies because it has a inverted phase.


anyone out there indulge in 9 sisters? i have 2 x 3S’s atm and the feedback capabilities are pretty incredible. would like to keep the two for that purpose and have a 3rd as an all encompassing filter to ping and swing

any particular methods to note that ppl are exploring with this trio?

*aside from the ones mentioned above


I’ve been using my Three Sisters mostly as a since oscillator (with additional waveshaping by Cold Mac). While experimenting with some drones in just intonation, I realized that Three Sisters’ frequency is constantly drifting upward.

I’ve been measuring the low output for about 90 minutes now and so far it went up by almost 15 hz. My 0-Coast, just as a reference, only drifted by 0.5 hz in the same time.

Did anyone else around here experience similar problems? Or is this the normal behaviour of the module?

The V/oct tracking also seems to be quite off, so I guess I will have to calibrate the module. But this shouldn’t be related to the pitch drifting, right?

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I know it’s been stated that there’s no temperature compensation for frequency in the design. Others in the thread have mentioned this was very apparent when trying to calibrate their module, which was also the case when I calibrate the two I had (i.e. just touching the PCB can cause the pitch to drift significantly). I’d imagine that the heat within you case probably changes a fair amount after being on for 90 minutes, and what kind of case you have probably affects the internal temperature.

Not to say it’s normal, but there’s precedent for the frequency to change over time.

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Okay, I guess that might just be the root of the problem. After running for about two hours, the frequency got relatively stable. There are still some deviations in both directions, but no longer that continuous drifting upwards. Actually the frequency started drifting back downwards after leaving my windows open for a while, causing the room temperature sink a couple degrees.

So yes, seems as if the module is very sensitive to changes in temperature.

My Euroroack case still has a lot of free space, which I guess leads to even more unwanted air circulation. So I guesss the only solution is buying more modules until both rows are completely closed :sweat_smile:

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Yeah an open case will definitely make it worse! But remember, blind panels are cheaper than modules :wink:


Just checking, are you monitoring the Low out? Only Low is calibrated for v/8 :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m using the low out. With 0V into V/oct (actual zero-voltage, not just without cable) I’m getting 88hz, with 2V it’s 341hz, which makes a deviation of 11hz.

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I was thinking about giving calibration a try, but if it’s a bit tricky I’ll maybe leave things as they are.

Since I’m mostly doing drones with static pitch (or alternating between two, maybe three pitches) at the moment, and I’m using Teletype for sequencing, it’s probably easier to use something like CV 1 ADD JI x y VV z and then adjust z by hand.

Tuning Three Sisters with it’s frequency knob can be tricky anyways, so usually I use the FM input (with very low attenuation) for fine tuning.

thought i’d revive some energy into the thread w this simple yet affective 6Sis patch. for all you insect lovers out there


a living and breathing ecosystem

-crickets & frogs @ the mannequins pond


Great now I need another Three Sisters!

The first Three Sisters here is basically just self-oscillating aka acting as a ~sine wave VCO (almost slow enough to be a LFO, from the looks of it), yes? So if I don’t have a second Three Sisters I could just use any VCO?

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Looks like the output is being taken from the ALL output, with span close to where the filters cutoff frequency overlaps, so it would actually more like 3 LFOs in a cluster into the QUALITY input.

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You can get fairly close to that with a JF into 3Sis. Slightly different but gets you into the ballpark.


mixing 3 outputs of Instruo Ochd also works quite well :slight_smile:


LP makes extremely good kick/ drum/ membrane type sounds. i like using it as a voice so much that I want a second to use as a filter