Mannequins Three Sisters


Can I use safely a powered buffered mutiple to mix the individual outs (like the passive mult mixing trick)?


Buffered multiples only have one input. Are you talking about passively mixing the outputs of the buff mult, or passively mixing sisters and then buff multing that signal?


I mean sending the 3 outs (low/centre/high) to the 3 buff mult OUTS and then taking the sum from the buff mult INPUT (I know this sounds totally wrong, but it’s possible with a passive multiple as stated on the 3S manual).
I’ve tried this with stackcables and works fine but I’m not sure if this will work with a powered module,
anyway it’s just my curiosity, I usually use a regular mixer for this task :grinning:


uhhhhhh… yeah, don’t do that :sweat_smile:

“passive mixing” isn’t a sin when your outputs are all the same impedance; even a buff mult has passive mixing of the outputs. but you’re talking about biasing an op amp in a very strange way. there is feedback so it’s possible you’d get a signal at the input but, like, why? audio signals don’t need to be buffered.

i recommend a cheap-o ninja star headphone splitter for the task of passive mixing.


Thanks for clear this up, I also have those ninja splitters and will give a try!


Had a fun patch going last night. The three gate outputs for Marbles pinging the three inputs on Sisters in formant mode and a sequence from Marbles patched into Sisters freq. I was monitoring the all output with the individual outputs self patched into Sisters FM and Span.

Varying the bias on the Marbles t section would change which combination of inputs were being pinged and consequently which of FM or Span were being FM’ed.

Created a nice sequence with controllable yet random variations of timbre and pitch.


I’ve made the same patch some days ago, it’s really a lovely combo :heart:


just had a pretty big “no.fucking.way” moment with Six Sisters, Just Friends, envelope generator and LPG/VCA.

  • sequence a 3Sis (osc), tuned to get mainly midrange with a little upper register. send High to LPG.
  • envelope generator (in this case, Maths: ch.3 getting gates whose timing are related to the triggers that drive the sequencing, self-patched to ch.4 Both, shape knob noon, Fall 1) opens LPG (in this case, Optomix Control). Clock the envelope generator slower than your sequence – this gives an acoustic feel to the voice. Waves of notes spill out as the gate opens, rather than using the gate to define single notes.
  • send LPG/VCA output to second 3Sis (filter) High. Quality CCW, Span CW. Freq around 11:50. Formant mode.
  • send 3Sis (filter) High to input 6 on Just Friends. JF is in Shape / Transient.
  • Curve + Ramp between 11:50 and noon, Intone 'round 2. Adjust Time till cascading.
  • Identity out to 3Sis (filter) Centre, 3N out to 3Sis (filter) Low, 6N out to 3 Sis (filter) FM.
  • Listen to 3Sis (filter) All.
  • Adjust Freq and FM to taste. There are sweet spots of FM that create warm pitch warbles, adding expression to this bizarrely flute-like sound. There are Freq notches that accent with delightful pings of the original 3Sis (osc) sine.

Echophon is providing the underscoring wash.

idk if it matters that the base sine is coming from a Sisters and that the whole thing is going back into a Sisters, but I’ve never been able to make JF do this to a signal before. so I’m betting it’s the Sisters.

Whimsical, indeed.


you’re making me sincerely question whether I want six sisters or two Mangroves and I’m … well I guess I’m not at all mad about it


Join the six sisters club! We could then do 12 sisters shows in Boston :slight_smile:


Just Capitulate should be Whimsicalraps motto as who isn’t on their way to W//, Six Sisters, Dual Mangroves, and a Just Friends for Envelopes and a Just Friends for Oscillations?


this is incredible! are all sounds coming from that one sound source at the same time?

tried recreating this with DPO sine, sisters, maths, and optomix, and getting some interesting things but not quite what the clip sounds like. things get real weird in a good way when JF time is turned up to audio or near-audio rates though.


Oh man, this stuff is nice.


I’ve tried both and feel more engaged by Six Sisters. you can get some great complex shapes by FM’ing the filter one with a mult of the other’s voice. though that sax growl on Mangrove will always unparalleled, the 6Sis have softer edges that I really love.

I’m so glad you shared this. I added some clarifying notes, hope that helps!

the clip is all realtime, but the Echophon really adds a nice glue to everything. also, reverb. here’s a dry / barebones clip of just the voice (clocks + base tuning are different because it was all improvised, but patching and note data are the same). starts with the dry 3Sis wave and then the JF + second Sister cross-patching:


thank you so much! loving that sound, even dry. will give another try later and see what I can come up with…at the very least post some of the stuff i was getting at audio rates with DPO.

I wonder if the quality of sister’s sine has anything to do with it - I know sisters has a hot input that often slightly distorts, but are the outputs hot as well- as in…do the sines end up having some extra drive and harmonics?


Love this thread. Personally I have a hard time keeping my 3 Sisters in tune. When I first turn on the case its in it takes at least a good 30mins before its somewhat stable, and then it can really fluctuate over time (compared to other analog VCOs or resonant VCFs). Now in reality its only fluctuating by a couple Hz, and as a result some happy accidents can occur when you leave a patch running for awhile and then come back to it. Especially when a lot of FM is involved, these subtle fluctuations can actually be beneficial.

I guess I hadn’t really considered a 2nd Sisters before, mostly because I’ve had trouble keeping it in tune. But it is an interesting way to go…


jesus. so good. sounds like something opn would write :purple_heart:


I finally did get a Sisters and it’s so amazing! I’ve been using it a lot as a mixer at the end of the chain too but man this thread is giving me so many more ideas.


Excellent choice! I agree, been getting a lot of ideas from this thread as well!


yes dan!!! love nothing more than getting those derks patch notes.

this track from my newest release is all from two three sisters (six sisters) except for the lower slewed melody which is from an op-1. tape delay added post of course…

i am not good like dan and i honestly don’t remember the patch. but the possible truth!