Mannequins Three Sisters


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Trying out your wonderful patch idea, though I’m not quite sure what you mean regarding envelopes.

So you’re sending two gates that share a master clock, one into channel 3 and the other into channel 4, and 3 out is modulating channel 4 Both input? I tried sending two different gates from Marbles, one into 3 and 4 each, and didn’t really get the same acoustic timbres as you. But I think I’ve misunderstood this step.

Thanks for sharing the lovely patch idea!


for sure, it’s super wonky, apologies! I updated the text above to help clarify, but I’m just pushing gates at a ratio of the triggers that drive the sequence (maybe every 5 triggers, a gate also occurs) into ch 3 of Maths, which is then self-patched into ch 4’s ‘Both’. ch 4 is triggered at a rate that’s slower than the sequence (iirc it was even a little offset by receiving ch 1’s EOR as a trigger; ch 1 was clocked maybe 2:1 or 3:1 from the main sequence). this adds variation to the envelope generation, while keeping an overall interrelatedness.

I hope this makes sense, but please ask any clarifying questions!


All this is awesome!
Don’t have a 3T myself, it’s been on a want list since it’s release, but have a literal boatload of other filters. Gonna try some of these patch ideas with them and see what happens.

Can 3T get nasty much? Like MS20/Parker Steiner territory or is it more softy Roland vibes? Most stuff i’ve heard is ‘nice’

Some of the better drum-like sounds start showing up around 3:50.

This is great! So it can get nasty! Is this patched as 3T as the sound source only or other stuff going into 3T (self-res)?

Is that just that much better as an oscillator?


I think the “dirt” in the MS-20 has far more to do with things like feedback patching, using the highpass filter to color the sound and, like, the cheap VCA more than the filter itself. Three Sisters doesn’t have any of these built in, but it doesn’t have to do smooth either.


While Sisters is the primary sound source here, the dirt is coming from a bit mangler. It does make a great oscillator though, and like @alanza wrote, you can get it to be dirty by how and with which modules you patch it.


Here I’m using a Just Friends for the sound source and a 3Sis as a filter.


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@alanza Cool, good to hear, I heavily lean towards gritty stuff more. Yea, the “dirt” in the original MS20 filter is actually from diode clipping in the resonance feedback path, rather than the VCA.Although yea in the MS20 synth itself the VCA also adds some character.

Tangent on VCA’s! the majority of VCA’s in euro are V2164 based which are all super clean and “essentially” sound the same, there’s a handful of original and characterful VCA’s though. I’ve been trying to find more non-V2164/LM13700 VCA euro modules the last while as I realised even though i have a few different VCA’s in my system nearly ALL of them are V2164. I much prefer having something that can add character. Moddemix, DTA & any LPG’s are great for this.

@smbols Aha, cool.

Thanks for the replies, good info, I probably should just try shoehorning a Sisters into the system if I can find one.


Thanks so much, makes a lot more sense to me now, and is an interesting, non-standard way to use Maths as a primary voice envelope. Some explorations will be made with thoughts that come from this interaction.


Got some real nice dirt and squeal out of the sisters tonight. Wavetable osc into coldmac or 1, cm and out into slope in, envelope into cm survey. Coldmac acting as a real dirty overdriven vca.
Mac out into sisters all in, sisters in formant mode, quality at 2 o’clock modulated by envelope pushing hard into self oscilation. Pitch tracking along with the oscillator but also using knobs to play cutoff frequency and spread. 3Sis acting as a sort of growly wah pedal?


Yeah, it can get quite growly. I definitely didn’t expect it to be as versatile as it is.


I’d like to know some of your favorite oscillators to use with Sisters.

I have two filters in my rack–this and a Steiner-Parker filter which also has individual inputs for HP, BP, and LP. I still don’t have any proper audio oscillators and I plan to get one to put in place of a couple modules I ended up not using much. I want something that really takes advantage of the two filters’ architecture, with lots of different outputs, beyond the typical saw/sine/square outs, more like a complex osc with standard wave outs in addition to waveshaper outputs.

I’m most interested in PGH’s Double Helix and Lifeforms Primary Oscillator. Anybody running either of these into Sisters? Or do you have any other recommendations to look into?


I used to have a Spectrum oscillator from WMD/SSF and I found it worked really well with Sisters, lots of waveforms to choose from. I often found myself running a pair of waveforms through the low and center filters then FMing them with the sub output; tons of additive tonal variation possible outside of the typical complex oscillator type set up.


Tides (including new Tides) into Sisters, particularly the crossover bandpass…is just incredible.


As a sound source or as a modulator?


sound source! I just love how Tides’ very distinct waves sound through the Sisters bandpass, especially doing a very slow sweep- satisfying every time.


Idk if it’s particularly great for 3s specifically, but i’ve been using plaits a lot with it with great results. Lots of variety.


I just got out of a screening of Tony Conrad’s Articulation of Boolean Algebra for Film Opticals, and the soundtrack was pretty much 2x Three Sisters in a tangle of feedback with Cold Mac :joy:


My Rainbow 2 arrives next month so will place it next to the 3 sisters when I get that