Mannequins Three Sisters


I absolutely love using my 3 Sisters as a drum voice. Patching some gates/trigs in to low/centre/high with Tempi or something of the like is fantastic. Span starts giving you all sorts of movement variations as well.


I’d love to hear what you’re doing, sounds spot on!


Not the greatest clip but here’s a sample. Snare is plaits but all the other stuff is 3 sisters:


A little recording I made with a self fming three sisters as the sound source. There’s also delay from the chronoblob and what not :slight_smile:


Are the sisters running through a vca or are you pinging the inputs? Pinging resonance?


You’re hearing the low output through optomix (a low pass gate). Resonance was set to max :slight_smile:


Me and the sisters are now joining the party. So stoked!


I’m not so stoked anymore. It’s broken and must have been busted in the mail. I don’t know if this fits in the good wrapping category?

Edit: Obviously I bought this second hand


Ugh, the worst feeling. Hope you get it sorted soon. I’d say that does NOT fit in the “well wrapped” category if that’s all it came wrapped in!


I revisited this delightful patch today and was able to recreate it basically identically to your dry version using a DPO sine (may post clip tomorrow).

I really think the only difference is how I’m setting JF, the timing/notes of the sequence itself, and of course the effects. The whole approach of this patch made me think of JF and sisters differently in a very fun way so thank you again Dan :metal:

regardless I still want six sisters someday :joy: seems like so many quirky and beautiful patches could be opened up by that combo.


hell. yes. this is very exciting to hear + I’m glad sharing that stuff helped! happy to do anything to keep you creating, nick – very much looking forward to more of your work :slight_smile:

general q for folks: in Less concepts: an album + cellular automata MIDI sequencer (software), we’re talking about 3Sis as a primary oscillator. I’m only getting about an octave and a half of accurate tracking, which is totally fine for my pingy monophonic explorations (also, it’s not temperature-compensated, so definitely understandable), but I’m curious how well it performs as a voice in a larger system.

I’ve never re-calibrated from when I got it new a year ago and will tackle that tomorrow – but I’m wondering what others have experienced while using 3Sis as a primary voice alongside other oscillators?


I was wondering , is there a setting on 3sis where the filter would be inactive and 3 sources could be mixed without filtering and slight filtering dialed in? Or is there always a frequency alteration? I think so but thought i ask


there’s always a frequency alteration.


You can minimize it by dialing zero on both quality and span, but yes as @alanza says there is still colouring. Formant will also make it a bit flatter than crossover as it’s three bandpass instead of lo mid hi.


Yes a slight coloring is fine. Thanks!
But i wondered if low, band and high will cut away frequencies allready at the input like a fixed filter, so a bass in high would be thinned for example.


Yes it does kind of work like that, in the three different inputs. Even frequency fully clockwise, and span and quality anticlockwise low input will still dull some high frequencies.


Will test with that. Thanks
A bit dulling i dont mind…more worried about thinning :smiley:


Not in the lovely world of quality analog filters! Try one and see :wink:


Christ on a cracker can someone please tell me what size of screw driver I need to get at the trim pot on this thing? I tried every object from my house that had a chance of doing the job last night and nothing worked. Planning to head to the hardware store after work tonight and pick up a proper screw driver, but I’m not going to take my module there and I want to make sure I get one that is going to fit.


Get a small driver set. It will have more drivers than you will probably ever need but you’ll be set.

Nothing special about this one but I got it and have been very happy with it: