Mannequins W/2 Beta Testing

I had the same problem which got fixed by using another sd card.

I have a brand new, hispeed Kingston micro sd installed in W/. I bought it
to replace the original which, by the
way, happens to work OK with any other module that uses a micro SD. I don’t think buying yet another (and then another…) card is the solution here. If there’s a specific card that seems to work with W/ without issues, please share.

i’ve had this too, but have not replaced the sd-card nor analyzed deeper. Overdubbing in a loop was what I did. Possibly reversed direction. Did not go away after fresh recording though.

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Does your car sound aliased while decelerating ? :joy:


Unfortunately, I was not able to update the car firmware :frowning:


Following the Instructions on Whimsical Raps site:

“The particular card has been chosen to be ideal for W/'s purposes. We use a 4GB, Class 10, micro SD card. In testing we tried a lot of different cards, and found this to be the most reliable & fastest for our application. If you’re going to replace the card yourself, we recommend a Class 10 card, and either 4GB or 8GB (note 8GB will not extend your tape time currently). 4GB cards tend to have faster access times. In particular we discourage using the more modern ‘Ultra’ or ‘Extreme’ speed cards- They sound like they’d be great, but W/ uses the SD card in a very non-traditonal way meaning these cards actually perform far
worse than the older ones, and you’ll likely have audio dropouts in your recorded files.”

Maybe it’s just the Hispeed sd to act worst? I don’t know, but I bought a class 10 4gb Kingston sd last week as I had the same problem as you, after a few quick recordings the “sample rate noise” seems to be gone, but I have not stress tested the thing.

Not to be too needy but are there any specific brand/models that are recommended?


Doesn’t seem to be specified any brand no, but 4/8 gb “class 10” model seems to be a better choice.

@jooga1972 (or anybody else experiencing the ‘bitcrushed’ effect) I would really appreciate if you could post a recording of this. Ideal would be a ~1kHz sine-wave recorded onto ‘blank’ tape. If the behaviour changes on overdub, then please make a 10second loop and leave record engaged for a minute or so. If this could be a line-recording (ie. not with a microphone) that would be ideal as I want to look at the recording in a waveform editor.


I wanted to record a “bitcrushed effect” yesterday after I cleaned the tape and this time the recordings were OK, no bitcrushing whatsoever. Overdubbing also seemed to work fine. I will be on this though and will record the bitcrushing whenever it happens again.

Hi. Can you document the parameter scales/values to use ii.wsyn. APIs from crow? Or if this exist, can you address me to the docs?
For example, I tried play_note but I can’t find the parameter meaning and what I get is a very long and annoying tone.

I haven’t played with this in a minute, but I think it’s in v/oct.

Well ok, that was rather clear :wink: . I mean a documentation for the full APIs usable from Crow…

@vicimity’s less_concepts_3/less_concepts_3.lua at master · linusschrab/less_concepts_3 · GitHub has a complete (?) implementation of w/syn if you don’t mind diving in the code. just search for wsyn.

Edit: I put the w/syn code into a lib and added it to awake as an example: GitHub - aidanreilly/awake: norns: awake


I was initially having a hard time learning the commands to navigate W/2 but perseverance has paid off. Tape echo mode is great (I’ve had a tape loop running all day) and also really enjoying the delay. I haven’t gotten too deep into synth mode. This is really rewarding after I had some occasional great results with the original W/ but kinda gave up on it due to my own challenges navigating the commands and also due to the glitches. Just some positive feedback, I’ll post again if I run into any issues.


i’ve been messing with the new firmware on and off, mostly in synth mode so far. i went to dive into the delay and loop modes, and i have some confusion. i know w/ can get a little crunchy, but i can’t tell if this is too crunchy. it’s kind of mangling the audio input in a potentially unusable way. maybe this is just user error, maybe the module isn’t working properly.
0:00 - 0:30 loop mode, didn’t engage any recording/playback, this is entirely monitoring the incoming signal. sending a mangrove into it, when air goes CCW past about 11 o’clock you get this signal drop.
0:36 - 1:15 loop mode, same as the previous portion. just friends mix out to w/, in polysynth mode controlled by ansible. you can hear one note at a time works out, but once the signal gets hotter is blows out.
1:28 - 2:00 delay mode, just friends mix out. you can hear the same blow out going from one note to two.
2:24 - end synth mode, messing around. this one i’d guess is more tied to the synth settings, i’ve heard some really clean clips in this thread that i can’t seem to accomplish.

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Also getting the lo-bit stuff. I changed back to the previous version a month ago and have a bunch of good recordings I don’t want to lose, but if it helps the lo-bit generally kicked in if i changed the pitch down and recorded or recorded backwards or while changing pitch/speed while recording. Cue points are a must for me, they’re really versatile in a happy mistakes kind of way.

I’ve been using W/2 since I got the module and have nearly always gotten clicks at the beginning of most loop points. Yesterday I formatted the SD card and I had my first click-free W/Tape experience – I experienced no bugs, bitcrushing or noise for about four hours and all the looping was smooth – a really awesome experience which convincingly showed how the module can really feel almost like ‘real tape’. However today when I switched the module on again the clicks had returned. This makes me guess that the supplied SD card is simply no good for the new firmware. I am wondering whether all modules are shipped with the same SD card or whether different batches get different cards? I’d love to hear of any particular brands or types of SD cards that people have replaced theirs with to avoid clicky loops.


Something I never tried on the old firmware was the ability to record and loop CV. Is this still possible on w/2? I want to use it to record un-synced melody lines. Help to get started would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve been getting an unusable amount of distortion build up whenever i loop in tape mode (not always right away, but it’s been a while now since I’ve had a session where it didn’t show up). Is this a known issue or would a more detailed accounting of how it happens and a recording of it be useful?