Mannequins W/2 Beta Testing

do you have a recording of the bit crushing?

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I do not. Haven’t felt the need to record that :upside_down_face: But I guess I could try to capture it tomorrow and edit my post with a sound clip.

Edit: @Justmat does your tape mode work as expected with clean sound?

i just recorded a short (~10 seconds) loop. everything sounds right to me!


I did experience this type of sound for a little while until I realized my tape speed was reallyyyyy slow. Seemed like it was just recording at lower resolution. Maybe double check that your tape speed is set at a normal speed for higher bit recording.

I personally think it’s a very useable looper in tape mode. Especially utilizing this/that inputs for triggers start and stop. I do occasionally get clicks and pops but I’ve just decided to lean into and embrace the imperfections.


Here is a recording. At 9 secs the recorded loop starts its playback. Funny thing happened, after the looped recording played once I disconnected the IN-jack and from 15 secs you can here the clean (?!?) loop playing. Somehow the IN-jack disturbs the recorded sound. At 25 secs I re-connect the IN-jack and the noise is back.

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i guess it’s gonna take a bit longer for it to hit the stores then.

How are things progressing? Just got a w/ and it is running the beta firmware. Wondering how long I will need to consider all learning provisional since features can change. Like having a guitar with a moving fretboard.

Basically, is the beta far enough along and stable enough to begin learning the module as an instrument?


i understand from the latest video of trent with the new firmware that cues are no longer a thing. how are y’all finding the new way of navigation? he called it loop length division/multiplication and it looked interesting with the shorter length loops
he was making. i was just wondering how bad/good it was having longer loop lengths (10 min or more) and no way to scan through events were.

i don’t have one yet but i’ve been interested in the development of this instrument.

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Do you have Teletype or crow? In crow, for example, the ASL actions

timestamp( seconds ) -- move tape playback to an absolute location in seconds
seek( seconds ) -- move tape playback by seconds relative to the current location

replace the older cue functionality. Different, obviously, as in order to have “cue points” you’ll have to memorize their exact location in time. But the resulting possibilities of code-control are astounding.


no. i haven’t either of the extenders. i guess it’s something to consider to fully take advantage of w/

hah, I don’t know about has to, but I do have two Cold Macs, two W/s, two Three Sisters and two Just Friends, and I thought long and hard about getting a second Mangrove



what kind of keyboard would i need for Crow?

a laptop/pc :cowboy_hat_face: you communicate with crow via a python program called druid


W/Del is truly a joy. I foresee many smiles as I spend more time in its company during a trip to the countryside this week.

+1 to that. My W/ had been sitting on the shelf for a while because I had been pursuing other ideas, and I recently found some time to revisit it and start learning it properly. I updated to 1.2.1 and got busy, and then only after I had spent a few days developing muscle memory did I discover that the 2.0 beta existed. I would very much have appreciated a note about this thread on this page: W/: Latest Version – WHIMSICAL RAPS.


i think you’re recording too hot into it.
on the other hand, i like the sound! :man_shrugging:


Haha. Yeah it’s a feature not a bug… I decided to revert to the old firmware just to keep it in the case. 2.0 was too unpredictable (for me). But to hot, hmmm isn’t it supposed to accept eurorack levels? I went straight from my VCO to w. Will definitely try again but after a VCA.

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it is, but i think you’re playing the recording and the input together in that recording - so at best it would flange/phase perfectly, never exceeding max p-p voltage, at worst it would match phase sample for sample, double in level, and hit the ceiling throughout. i think that’s where your “?!?” comment in there came from - the loop is clean, i don’t think w/ compensates for playing source+recording together.

(fwiw there’s no standard euro level for audio sources - some modules are really loud, others less so)

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Thank you @eesn, this is really helpful. Although I still don’t think it acts as I would expect from a looper and from loopers I’ve worked with before. Your feedback makes me want to jump back on 2.0 and hopefully find a way to use it with success.

You could always pipe the source and the recording through Cold Mac and pan between them there :wink:


Hello, is W/2 still able to output a clock from either this or that when loop is retriggering ?
I remember using it on the old firmware version and it was very useful…
(as in: W/ is the master clock, so that the modular is following the loop).

Or was it just a fever dream and it never existed ?

Thanks in advance !