Mannequins W/2 Beta Testing

It’s is not. Just today I was thinking about how much I missed this functionality, probably the only thing I really miss from v1. BUT I think crow can do this with some clever scripting. Also makes me wonder if the w/ inputs could be used as aux crow outputs.

What a crazy think to build into a module.
Anyone know of other modules/gear with bidirectional jacks?


Ha, yeah will miss this a lot too. I wonder if the new firmware makes it impossible for this and that to be assignable as inputs/outputs.
Not planning on getting into Crow and scripting, i hope it’ll be back maybe someday !

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Hi all,

I’m on W/2b7 and can’t seem to clear the tape. I hold rec-play-loop, lights charge up, start flashing, I release and both the yellow and white lights over Record are on. I press record three times quickly and nothing changes. I’ve tried it via TT (v4.0.0), too, with the W/T.CLEARTAPE command, but I’ve also read that that command doesn’t actually work…

Thoughts? Similar experiences?

Hi @Galapagoose – not sure if anyone has provided the recording of W/ Tape’s bitcrushing you requested, so I recorded it today for toubleshooting.

Context on the recording:

  • ~1k sine wave from STO
  • direct into & out of W/
  • around 4mins of recording for different types of behaviors & speeds (tried to get a solid 10s loop so each section is distinct)
  • as others have reported, it seems to really kick in when recording is on and you jump from reverse playback to forward playback

Another bit of context: I got mine secondhand (have good reason to believe they took good care of it) and have had it about a week. I’d played with tape mode for a few continuous hours last week & had no audio issues–it only seemed to start bitcrushing in earnest today after about half an hour of use ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hello there,
Maybe a silly question but:
I’ve recently bought a w/ from a French guy, it’s an early version (2018).
I’ve updated to the latest beta=
-receives i2c from Crow/Norns
-does not receive i2c from Ansible🤷🏻‍♂️
Ansible is up to date and it talks properly with Just Friends.
Any suggestion??
(I already had a w/ and it had no issue talking with Ansible, so maybe it’s related to old w/ batches?)

EDIT: Solved. It was a stupid power question. As you know (and as I supposed to know😅) there are i2c modules with pull up resistors and others that don’t have.
W/ and Ansible need to be powered, in my case, by Crow and Just Friends.
Now everything works properly with both Crow as leader and Ansible alike.
Please always check your i2c bus🌿

Hello @Galapagoose…first of all, sure do miss you on Twitch.

I was wondering if you could share an update regarding the documentation and firmware for W/? Yes, I know full well that typically there is nothing to tell until there’s something to tell but it sounded like the documentation was nearing completion some time ago and so if I was going to ask about it, I figured I might as well ask about the firmware too.

Finally, I’m still listening to Death’s Dynamic Shroud after becoming intrigued by it while it played during one of your Twitch streams, thanks.


Question about ii.wsyn": does play_note only work in ar_mode(1)? I’m currently trying to figure out how to send note-offs in “sustain” mode, and have them mapped correctly to the note-on messages. I tried sending another play_note of the same v/o with velocity 0, but that seems to leave one voice droning still. Any suggestions, or should I be writing a lua-side voice allocator if I want both dynamic voice allocation and sustain?

I haven’t tested it lately, but the process you described should work. Any play_note message when velocity == 0 should match a playing note at the given pitch. so:

ii.wsyn.play_note(1, 2) -- play C4 at 2V
ii.wsyn.play_note(2, 1) -- play C5 at 1V
ii.wsyn.play_note(1, 0) -- release C4
ii.wsyn.play_note(2, 0) -- release C5

It’s the same voice allocator as in Just Friends which I believe is working correctly, though it’s entirely possible they have diverged somehow, or are on different versions of the lib file.

The scroll-style manual is complete and added at the top of this topic. I have been intending to make some video tutorials for the 2.0 firmware but haven’t been able to prioritize it yet.


I was just looking at this thread to see if it was possible via Crow/Druid. Agreed that it would’ve super useful, I sometimes am loading scripts and it would be cool to reinitialize a setup. Though I realize this is a conceptual change, with the ii shortcuts changing.

Hi @Galapagoose.
Spending some quality time with W/. You mentioned some issues being solved with new beta in the works. Did this manifest?

Main issue right now is tuning the FM synth. Is there a technical map available yet? Main issue is tuning W.SYN to other analogue oscillators being fed the same CV.

I do have Teletype. Hints appreciated.

This was asked over in the 2.0 beta thread:

Short answer: unlikely to be added, at least as of the time it was asked. Easiest thing to do would be to add offset voltage to your sequence to bring it to where it need it.

Thanks @xenus_dad!

P.S. I’ve tried the offset but its still not tracking well when compared to a sine on my ER301. I get the physical interface concern but I would have imagined a TT pitch shift command would have been doable.

Same! JF has one, at least in ii synth mode. But, I don’t know what goes into the firmware. I assume if it’s not there there’s a good reason why it’s difficult.

Does w.syn only track badly when you use the offset?

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Just wanna ask is there a complete final 2.0 version of this now?

The current beta is essentially 2.0. I’ve only shied away from formally saying that because I have been meaning to redo the documentation in a more organized and clear form but haven’t found the time.


just throwing my 2 cents in the pool, I’ve recently aquired a W/ and i absolutely fell in love with it! it’s a brilliant lil device and such good use of 2hp! while i never acutally used V1.2, i’ve watched some videos about it and it seemed quite convoluted to me at the time. however playing with V2 (in all 3 modes) was extremely intuitive and immediate even with the minimal design!

I loved it so much i bought a second one :smiley: all i’m missing now is a Just Friends and i’ll be in i2c heaven


Just here to second this. Have 2 W/s in my rack and I love ‘em. If anyone is on the fence about getting these- don’t. The new firmware is great.

Anyone know if the new batch is available yet? I got an e-mail about a lottery for them and signed up, but haven’t heard anything since. Sold out again?


i believe the raffles have all been confirmed and shipped out to their respective winners, there was word that some stock will make it to various retailers but no news of this yet.

Aww criminey…back to camping I guess. Thanks for the info.