Mannequins W/2 Beta Testing

I got my Slashes from OSHPark! :smiley:

Was happy to learn it will apparently work with Crow and w/ as well!


Anyone is using crow and W/ togheter and have any script ideas?
I have 2 crows and want to use one to W/ (mostly in tape mode) but i cant get up with a nice to have script which can basically forever run on the crow

input 1 takes a cv offset to go from regular W/tape (in my case W/del) to weird monophonic granular thing

input 2 triggers a new grain or a re-parameterisation of playback/recording depending on how close the voltage at input 1 is to each edge-case

outputs do s/h shift-register-stuff maybe?

drumcrow and w/ delay is fun although i’m using Teletype with it


Same thing here … the W/ was working for a brief moment but next time I switched on my rack it seemed frozen (not lights and no sound). I then tried to reseat the SD card but had a small metal bracket falling out of the card slot and now the card won’t “click in” anymore. I did get it temporarily fixed in place with a piece of tape and the module is now working again. Still not ideal though :pensive:

@Galapagoose I dropped you a mail as well. Hope this can be resolved without the need of sending the module back to you.

Edit (2023-01-25):
This is how the metal bracket looks like that was falling out of the card slot:

Probably part of the mechanism that keeps the SD card in place … and if that is faulty it might also explain the “kind of like if there was debris … in the slot”.

I’m working with Del mode, and am trying to understand the function described in the manual as “Zoom - Repeatedly tap Up to double or Down to halve the delay time”

I can’t seem to trigger a doubling or halving of the delay time, trying to repeatedly flick the switch up or down, or pressing any of the buttons on the panel repeatedly - can someone share how they are successfully using this ability? Thanks :slight_smile:

edit: I didn’t realize that the the top of this thread is documentation for W/. Contained in it was the knowledge I sought. Don’t be like me