Mannequins W/ (with)


Just noticed this on the Mannequins site. Mailing list for some new thing soon?

Morphagene or Phonogene
Latest tracks + videos


I’m so excited to not understand all of its functions


as a new cold mac owner i really identify with this


ok, take my money now


The only thing I can gather from Trent’s miscellaneous writings is that he’s been experimenting with bi-directional jacks.

I’m not going to guess any more than that because I know it’ll be different than expected.


Ok now come on what’s the new thing?


2018 - the year everyone thinks is gonna be about like _______ modules but really is gonna be about batshit insane modules




Thank god I’m not the only one stalking that twitter account. This makes me feel a lot better :sweat_smile:


We’re all in this together


He has very good tweets


Likely the only good reason to check twitter


i quit. i'm a landscape artist now.

— whimsicalraps (@whimsicalraps) January 17, 2018

Looks like new thing is digital and speaks i2c. Notice in the top right corner, the 3x2 pin headers and above it the flat, indented programming header, which is identical to what you’d find on Just Friends. Exciting stuff!

Edit: this is nothing new apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

It might not have a witty name like "Just Type" but it will talk Teletype as well as it's own dialect.

— whimsicalraps (@whimsicalraps) December 12, 2017


“mystery mannequins blinking under my wife’s calligraphy”




I’m getting a vactroly vibe from this.


some kind of small delay-ish thing? “non-vactrol vactrol”? who knows


Looking again at the image I just posted… It feels similar to Just Friends, but not just because of the i2c and programming header… It has the same size and control layout! I’ve highlighted the both potentiometer and switch pads below.

Perhaps he is just teasing us with a new revision of Just Friends? (but then, that’s a lot of dedication to circuit board landscaping, because everything has changed a lot from the latest version we know of)


It seems like there might be a sort of “rate” LED going on under the parchment. That combined with the way the patch sounds made me think the same thing.