Mannequins W/ (with)

Wait, tt doesn’t have -ve voltages and the -1 Command is just normal x1 reverse…

How are you managing to quickly switch the direction in play mode? I’m wondering if there’s some button combo I missed :sun_with_face:

I was looping with into w/ earlier, controlling mangrove’s air with an envelope from maths - and then using the end of rise trigger to start and stop recording. It got me some really nice sounds, especially as I increased and decreased delay times.

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play, down+play will stop the tape, start rewinding, and then latch into reverse playback. dunno if that’s the fastest way to do it but it gets the job done.

yeah, that’s what i’ve been doing as well… you jump into nav mode for a split second, so like what @yoyosandshoes says, you can be intentional about precisely how much voltage you have to tune the nav mode speed in a harmonious way relative to the key you’re playing in


Is there a dl link for the beta firmware update somewhere? Can’t seem to find it…

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Thanks. There seems to be no link to that page other than on the forum here. I guess they’re waiting for 1.1 to go live…

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Did you scroll to the top of the forum? It’s right up top!

Oh it’s a dif thread. Got it

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w// cold mac, mangrove, and 3 sisters.

things are really getting great with the beta firmware.


wow, I love these timbres!

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Man this is beautiful!

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20 characters of Thanks!

By the way, I was glancing at the manual and read “inspired by the inimitable Dakim” as a description for recording behavior with positive CV into that in Live mode, and was like “what’s a Dakim?” (like I thought it was gonna be the name for a piece of gear :sweat_smile:) so I had a look around and found this:

which besides being an incredible set, contains a really interesting idea for use of W/: namely, if you watch at, say, 24:00 or so, you can see him turn a knob a couple of times to duck the mix in order to make way for the kick he’s playing in, creating this cool sidechainy effect.

If you’re in Live mode and running a knob into that, you literally have this same set up ready for (ab)use.

Anyway, hopefully this doesn’t spoil the magic too much.


dakim is a living legend and i’m glad trent saw fit to shine more light in his direction

i’ll sidetrack this thread only once to ensure you’ve seen this…

his recordings are a phenomenal blend of disparate styles, rarely boring
i highly recommend


Good looking out. Dakim is new to me, but sounds fantastic! Hard to find instrumental hip hop (-ish?) that resonates with me, but this is great.


if you’re looking for content lemme know
i don’t have all his stuff but can point you to some of his obscure work if youre curious

he sometimes records as just dak (easy enough to find)
along with at least one other alias i’m aware of


one more :sweat_smile:

JF modulates THAT, while another triggers THIS in PLAY mode. modulating record/replace amount while punching in/out relatively fast w// mangroves playing a simple and slow melody.

(sorry for spamming my instagram)


this one is pretty great.


Don’t apologize! These samples are awesome, it’s so fun to see how other people are using this module. I had been basically only using an offset from Shades to manually set the CV for That and decided to try using an LFO from Just Friends yesterday myself. A nice slow LFO going from heavily overdubbing to gradually disintegrating is so nice.