Mannequins W/ (with)

id love love love this but i’d really love it to be available via cv in [this]/[that] - i guess access via the settings “menu” in the recent firmware


@Galapagoose @voidstar

do you plan also a technical map for W/(with)? That would be pretty awesome.
Because even I’m getting more and more familiar with the different modes of the module, there are situations where i’ve no clue what’s actually happen :slight_smile:


I’ll second that. A technical map for W/ would be great.


Is W/ type still being developed for? Would love some more teletype ops!


I would also like to know this.
Got my Teletype today so I have a lot to learn and play with but more w/ type commands would be great.
There are only 4 currently or?
Is it possible to set playback speed with w/ type?
WS.PLAY only starts playing at 1x speed or?
Would be great to set playback speed with teletype.


This is the main request for me and others I think on this thread W/ Type Firmware Ideas. A work around that I have found useful is to send teletype voltages to that input. I should mention that you will need tweak the script for voltage accuracy and in my case I needed to use VV 198 (for example) for x2 speed. It works well when having interacting scripts with WS.PLAY 0 then VV 198 etc If I remember, the WS.PLAY commands have precedence over the voltage at that

3 Likes currently only lets you play in normal speed, forwards or backwards, or stop.

I still find it really useful and nice. And it’s cute to see all my w/s lights changing in perfect sync.

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thanks. I will give that a try.

Not sure if this has been suggested in this thread or if its even possible. Could the this and that inputs be used to move the start and end cue of current loop? Using cv? Just got this module again i really like the conecpt of it. Still getting used to muscle memory aspect of it, for example i keep accidentally adding cues in play mode when i forget to stop before trying to rewind or ff the section im in. A much improved experience from the first time i had it when it was released. Great stuff

same here, would be thankfull to see this.
haven’t used W/ for some time and forgot most of the deeper stuff.

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Is it possible to address more than one W/ on the same i2c bus as my teletype?

i2c messages will be seen by all modules on the bus, so any amount w/ on the bus will see and respond to the same messages.


To further examples, look at the address function of the TXo and TXi modules. They represent a module with multiple calls (through usage of jumpers on a set of pins).

I remember there had been some aspect of the w/ being positioned to function with multiple being in a rack, but I don’t know what happened with that.

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The treatment of TXo and TXi being sequential, 1- 4 being the first module and 5-8 being the second and so forth was something I was hoping possible for more than one W/
I would like to send separate commands to the each W/ in my case, but there doesn’t seem to be any op to specify each module.

hi folks, interested in picking up a w/. I know there were some teething issues with this module upon intital release, were these all fixed in the latest firmware (1.2.1 i think)? was a hardware rev update required at all?


I’m still having issues with data on my SD card getting corrupted (resulting in audible glitches) all the time. I’ve already tried several SD cards but no luck so far. But since there are obiously lots of folks around here that are using w/, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the module in general. Apart from that, I never experienced any issues with the module.

I think I’ve read somewhere around here about an upcoming firmware update, but I’m not sure and don’t have any details about that. But I’m really hope that it will maybe solve these issues, so I can finally use this awesome module without unwanted noises, cracks and glichtes :slight_smile:

Also, I’m still hoping that the firmware will one day become open source - at least there’s already this Github repo, but it’s still empty…


+1. There are a number of things that would be so helpful to add, particularly with respect to W/ Type and the ability to add more control from Teletype.


i think if you uh review the last year of this thread (sheesh) you will get a scope of the potential issues you may face with W/. I ran into an issue w/r/t the microSD card (which is think is the common hiccup), Mannequins sent me a new one, things have been fine since. Somewhere up there is a link to how to reformat a card yourself.

the newest firmware has some Very Nice New Functions that helped open the module a little more to my desires. I still think its worthwhile, kinda taking a backseat to my Squid Salmpler at the moment but really has done good work for me and its coming back in the next rotation.


I’ve had one for about a year and never had any of the “teething issues” that had been previously discussed here so it seems like those got resolved as far as I can tell, no hardware rev that I know of. Then I had this issue where it stopped responding, which I’ve seen a couple other people mention something similar—apparently being fixed by aforementioned update—once it’s back in good health it will return to being my favorite module :slight_smile: would be cool if w/type got expanded or there was crow possibilities in the future too…


Mine has been out of my case for a few months. I re-racked it last night for a specific application and experienced the freezes requiring reboot which brought me to remove it a while back.

I still find the module conceptually beautiful, but too unreliable to keep racked.