Mannequins W/ (with)

Sometimes when I go through this exact same procedure, it locks up. It usually happens when I’ve been playing for awhile.

Found myself initially thinking “how could this be more like mlr” but realizing it’s already more powerful—tt navigating cues, loop spaces, whatever size or distance apart, determining quality of record, overdub/write, speed on arrival, simultaneously operating just type!

Only reason I haven’t installed is my dependence on the latest kria betas. Upcoming show setup will depend on mergers tbd in the next week. All news is good news in this time, in this environment!


Hmm… good bye super slim case


thank you for this… it’s been the best suggestion (for me anyway) to get reliable recording/looping results. i wasn’t aware of the R+DOWN combo in this context.

going to print out this text as a cheat sheet.

also, i’ve found (not sure if it’s been mentioned here) that the Planar makes an awesome offset generator for THAT. put X or Y in +/- mode and it’s a great, tactile way to get your degrading/overdubbing parameters in line…

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Still waiting for my W/ but totally stealing that idea to use with the joysticks in my MECHANISM case. Thanks.


I have successfully installed the Teletype interim firmware (codename “dirty”) and will post over at the Teletype 2.3 beta thread - which seems appropriate because I read that the plan is to integrate W/ Type into Teletype 2.3.

EDIT: There is now a dedicated thread for W/ Type suggestions - here


just wait for planar 2, cv recording and looping, going to be a killer combo

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Hah. If that’s what I think it is, it just means that the git checkout was in a dirty state when the firmware was built. That kind of info is useful when tracking down bugs, in this case a dirty checkout makes it harder…


Not sure I get this, but is it like this?

Tape 1: L
Tape 2: L, L
Tape 3: P
Tape 4: P, P
Tape 5: R
Tape 6: R, R

So to load tape 4, it’s: hold R 1 sec, L, P, P, down, up ?


My W// is scheduled for Monday, and seeing the workflow described as

makes me really happy, and even more excited! So cheatcode-y!!1 :exploding_head:


Yeah! That’s the way

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Using W/ Type, with a blank section of tape, you can run a script that triggers a sound into W/s In, overdubs other pitches and then repeats at different cue marks.

Then you can navigate between the cue marks and play back each chord while your main melody plays on top.

Teletype + W/ is pretty powerful!


Really enjoying w/ and I now feel like I’ve wrapped my head around its interface and utility completely. Unfortunately I’m having an issue where I’m unable to jump between cue points in any mode, which I can now only assume is a glitch, especially given that it occurs everytime I use it and is always and only remedied by a restart. Is there anything I might be overlooking here before I start dealing with having a defective module/software?

If you are UK/EU signal sounds in Glasgow have stock.

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Finally caught up to the end of this thread after falling behind all week! And good news 'cause it looks like my W/ will be here tomorrow. Thank you all for your enthusiasm in exploring this and reporting back your various wins and frustrations. I will be taking a paced and methodical approach to learning this module which I am sure I would not have had some of you not jumped in ahead of me. Fingers crossed things go reasonably well and I don’t have to go back to the top of the thread! I’ve decided not to drink w/ w/…


Tip for users using Cold Mac w/ w/.

Cold Mac also works great for processing the audio coming out of w/. Try sending your signal through OR, AND, SLOPE and CREASE.


Hahaha thanks for the laugh! Very wise!

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OK, all the usual low-fi iphone video & audio caveats apply, but here’s a very quick demo showing how easy this thing is to use.


You are officially my hero, low-fi and all.