Mannequins W/ (with)

Wow what a find! I’m okay with some cool new JF firmware!

…except if you consider the size of the rack, and using the size of the RIPS module next to it for comparison, this Calligraphically Obscured Module (COM) is probably only 6HP wide.

(sorry, gratuitous TLA there)


On the whimsical store it’s listed as W/, W// bundle, and W/// bundle

Also, where the hell are the patch cables in that meng qi video. This hurts my head


thought that too, but it’s possible we’re seeing 2 cases next to each other and the module is larger.

i2c? Not to derail the thread, but what’s up with your username, @rdfm ? I ask because I think we’d all like to keep LINES different than certain other forums, if you know what I mean.


I suppose there’s also the obvious difference in LED’s from Just Friends… hmmm …

It’s a nickname I got a log time ago. But that was a long time ago. I always kind of wonder if it offends people here. More than happy to change it if so, I mean no harm

It has a certain Bob-like character, which I approve of, being a Bob myself.


Ah, I hope it’s not Just Friends 2.0 as I was planning to grab the current version this month…

Whatever it is, it doesn’t appear to have any knobs.

I propose another GAS Haiku Thread until more info is revealed:

I’m trying real hard,
But speculation beckons.
Dammit, Mannequins.


unlike monome making 500 different kinds of grids over a decade, i don’t think mannequins is interested in remaking things its already done


‘W/ instructions… but won’t help much’

(I mean this as benevolently as possible :slight_smile: )

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Doesn’t W/ usually stand for with? Might this mean that’s a module that needs company?


Maybe there are clues in the calligraphy, can anyone translate?

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what’s very funny to me is that in my mind i couple this with from software’s most recent teaser for a new game possibly entitled shadows die twice. precious little info to go on… but to me it seems at this point like a closeup of a trick weapon as used in bloodborne.

but what i love is that there are two communities that like to playfully tease and bring incredibly strong realities after said teasing is complete.

carry on.


the calligraphy are 3 different ancient classic chinese poetry on different topics (ancient tower visit, scenery of jiang nan and spring season arrival)

not sure if it has to do with W/, but its really nicely written.


video could be a red herring, but if you watch closely there are patch notes in the video (42-43secs): rolz pinged flt, rolz clocked seq, rolz synced dly. flt is the 3sisters, dly is the chronoblob, seq may be a DIY (possibly the black module on bottom), rolz is likely DIY based on peter blasser design.

I’ve got a feeling it’s some type of cv recorder/mangler - with the usual mannequins flair…,just a feeling


I tend to agree. Based on some of the tweets, I think its something that can interpret an incoming stream of CV or other data to translate into triggers, gates and pitch CV, separately. Maybe it generates sounds from this. Maybe its a eurorack toaster. Who knows.

“multing a trigger and a cv to a single jack and expecting it to understand them separately. that’s me right now. that’s you in the future.”


Does anyone know what the black module on the bottom is: