Mannequins W/ (with)

Maybe it’s the new thing hiding right before our eyes!

Or another new thing!

it’s the Doboz XIIO. I have one. Very cool little keyboard/seq/arpeggiator.


Yeah. It’s so good. Have you seen the new one by doobz? It looks awesome!


not to derail this thread too much, but WOW THAT’S COOL! as i’m watching the video i’m trying to separate the actual functionality of the module from the beautiful sounds it’s sequencing. also, very good design.

edit: this reminds me of what i wish my keystep was

Not really a huge amount in this thread to derail really…


I’ve been salivating for the TSNM since I’ve discovered I had missed the original run for 4U by a hair. Fortunately it’s coming back in both formats. Yay!
But (Arches) by soundmachines is coming too! Argh! Too many NEW THINGS!


I was about to curse you @AlessandroBonino for driving my GAS but with the Arches being 84HP and thus harder to squeeze in with the Mannequins New Thing, the Monome New Thing!, a Strymon Magneto, and a Natural Gate I have to look the other way and maybe consider the TSNM.

Damn it…I promised the wife that there was no way I’d ever need another Monster case, “No, seriously 1386HP is more than I would ever need or even want.”

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And idea on the width of the 3U TSNM? This looks like the controller I’ve been waiting for…

If tides is 14hp, TSNM should be 28/30.

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Haha, you’re all totally derailing this thread…

Back to w/ … reading through the whimsical twitter, there are hints of:

  1. Open Source + insight into creation of the module
  2. Vactrol modeling (although maybe this is related to Just Friends/Just Type)
  3. No knobs
  4. Lots and lots of LEDs.

Size is the big unknown here.

pretty cool to take a look at the work being done in the public WR repos. can only imagine what’s going on in the private ones…

Yeah, this is interesting:

and this:


Based on that info, my guess is i2c/teletype controlled DSP.


Use w/ Teletype… did we get it yet, @Galapagoose?

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If that’s true… then TT+JF+W/+301 might become the audio portion of my whole system…


Well shoot… I think all signs point to now being a good time to grab a TT.

You’ve waited this long?? :sunglasses:

Yes. w/ means “With”, in “internet” parlance.

Example: I expect to part w/ a lot of money in the near future.


pretty sure it’s a 104hp plate reverb