Mannequins W/ (with)


pretty sure it’s a 104hp plate reverb


the big mystery to unravel is why it is being sold in bundles


W/ = W/ by itself?
W// = W/ + JF?
W/// = W/ + JF + TT?


for anyone thats interested, this is the code for the event detection which detects and seperates cv + gates from one input:


Not a bad guess…though I would much prefer a W/ + TT combo as I already have two JF’s :nerd_face:


i think the bundles may be for buying multiple W/ units :thinking:


That would seem odd, since you usually would just specify a quantity.


yea but doesn’t a bundle usually imply a discount for buying the items together?

i don’t know… it got me thinking that maybe there is some kind of functionality that hinges especially on using multiple W/ together


“You’re tearing me apart! You, you say one thing, he says another, and everybody changes back again!”

James Dean on rebel W/ a cause.

Now seriously, im pretty excited. Also believe that bundles imply other units rather than a higher amount of the same thing…


Holy cow! Along with this it seems like a large part of the mystery module is already open sourced! It looks like it’s a programmable DSP of some sort (which makes sense: we have had clues of it having it’s own dialect). Really exciting stuff!


[miscellaneous post about most recent module purchase becoming ‘obsolete’, in my case Chronoblob]


Since it’s being called w/ so far and being bundled, perhaps with Just Friends, “just friends with…”. Could it be a JF expander that also expands on Teletype, a “Friends w/ Benefits” module?


except that neither a JF or TT appears in the Meng Qi vídeo :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Good point, but maybe it also works standalone, and we have had hints at there may be new things rather than just one thing…

Perhaps the bundle is for the new things?


w/ honors

w/ authority

w/ bang

w/ whimper


Here there is mention of block processing, vector and array transformations.

Here are some defines for led pins: there seems to exist left and right instances of bottom, mid, over, top, mode, action, motor and record positions. So that’s 18 LEDs — really intriguing!

Here is some DAC related stuff — seems it will be using an Asahi AK4556, which is stereo in/out with at most 24bits 192khz. So definitely audio processing!

Here is some more i/o: there seems to be a number of buttons and 2 cv inputs.

Then, there’s this commit: «the searchers», obviously referring to us. A lot of clues!


bunch of references to SD card there


Some of the stuff in there sounds Morphagene-esque :open_mouth:


Looks like there’s a bunch of stuff referring to tape…tape mode, tape loop, etc, and of course reels. I’d love to see some kind of Mannequins take on the Morphagene approach to making “tape music” with modular!


Yes, that really sounds exciting, especially with Teletype control! And by extension, grid control too.