Mannequins W/ (with)


got caught up w/ you all yesterday. the only weird thing i’m encountering is occasionally i can’t actually record or create loops/cues, but a power cycle will fix that.

sharing my first encounters to add to the growing pool of audio examples. everything is based on mangrove sequences/layers via ansible or earthsea, using w/ as a looping delay with heavy feedback. the first clip actually uses a loop stored in the other w/ and slight cv modulation into THAT in nav mode.


just got mine yesterday and played a bit
…i have an interface question for all of you

when PLAY is pressed, what part of the tape am i hearing?
the whole tape on a loop? or just the sound between one specific set of cue points?

does the answer depend on which mode I’m in?


If loop is engaged, you’ll hear only the sound between two cue points. If loop is off, it’ll play the whole tape until the end.


ok rad
i really appreciate that

now i’ll have a better idea whats going on when navigating and recording


Is there a cheat sheet for the light combinations - one with all the lights, not just a pair at a time? I think this is what is confusing me most. Maybe I’m thinking about it wrong.


from muffwiggler

The lights near the up/down display the mode:
Both = LIVE (they do pulse a bit while stuff is happening)
Yellow = NAV
White = CUE
Blinking Slowly = GLOBAL

Lights near LOOP:
Crossfades from yellow to white to show the relative position within the loop.

Lights near PLAY:
Shows the play direction (yellow = reverse, white = forward).

Lights near RECORD:
Shows recording state (white = recording, yellow = overwriting (brightness varies with THAT CV if used))

Lights near IN:
White indicates output, yellow seems to indicate clipping.


This thing is pure MAGIC @Galapagoose thank you so much for sharing your creative vision with the world so many times over. I spent a solid 5 hours last night being blown away by the universe of sound being spit back at me through 2 of these. Wish I would have recorded something but I’m SURE that was only the beginning. And extra double kudos for the black lodge vibes of the tutorial. So dope


hello hello!

another update on W/ direct orders: everything has shipped! please excuse the delays with tracking – i’ve gotten a few inquiries about this – sometimes USPS takes a bit to update.


Thanks Izzy. Mine is tracking fine. Just landed in London. Looking forward to it!


Thanks Izzy got your email
i appreciate the reply!



Had another session today. Similar to last time, not using a lot of the fancy stuff on w/, while playing just keeping it simple with triggering/pitching/jumping around.

I really like this module, and at 2hp, it still feels kinda crazy. I used to use my huge phonogene to do this (not as good as this!).


iLL, what are them 1U modules down there?? and whats that touch plate youre using?


Thanks! The 1u is part of the case


ahh man i dont want another whole case lol, how about that touch plate youre using??


Haha lucky thing there are plenty if good 1u options :wink:
Touch plates here —> thats a tough one!


tough as in hard to find or build? looks a lil big for what real estate i have left. nice features though. have a nice weekend, thanks again for sharing


For me it was a really tough build… total lack of experience tho


yes it was a vocal i recorded from a thai temple i cycle past most days. I mixed together and offset the gate + cv to 1 channel


i got a message from USPS —i got like 5 in a minute
and mine should arrive tomorrow
i guess i will re-read this thread unless someone has sketched a how-to?


One tip that could have helped me is how to read the top of the ref card. In the pink bar at the top, its telling us how to move through the modes (horizontally on the card)

So, for example in Nav mode: pressing Play takes you left, to Live mode and pressing Loop+Record takes you right, to Cue mode.
Note: you can see in this way that Loop+Record will only take you to Cue mode if you are in Nav mode (play is stopped).

For another example you can see on the card’s top bar: There is a command listed there for leaving Cue mode directly to Live mode (hold play, press switch down, and release play), but I have found it easier mentally (so far) just to press Loop, then Play, going into Nav mode then Live mode.

Here i have some terrible finger scribles trying to explain the right/left mode swiching as it is shown on the card:

This might be obvious, but wasn’t to me at first!

Have fun!!