Mannequins W/ (with)


Maybe he’s working with Eric at on an i2c enabled HC-TT?


I love it. Very whimsical. :rofl:


Super excited about this!!


I thought this was a quote from the room at first


seems to also have 4 sine oscillators with an asr that routes ryhthyms and just pitches generated by the state/history of the module to each oscillator??


Trying to make sense of all these clues and can’t figure out what the hell this thing (things!?) does.


And there I was, hoping it would be 4hp


Some of these functions pop up in the bootloader; I’m assuming this is some kind of start-up melody.


come on now just take the veil off


Whimsical is probably reading these comments, feeling all smug that we can’t tell what it does.


Not sure whether to camp out by my email and buy two or wait until revision 2 w / the more legible faceplate and the run jack fix! j/k, going to camp out for sure.


Hell, it could be at this point.


… and, of course, W////////

has the entire forum built in.


Yall are incredible



Hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but that commit is a deletion, so perhaps it isn’t that?


not to spoil the fun too much, but there are a lot more commits in private repos…


No idea but considering the cold Mac , the “the ins can be outs” teaser, the run function on just friends…
Who knows, it’ll be brilliant and an instabuy for me, he’s probably my favourite current designer…


You’re all totally fascinating. Love.


That’s it! It’ll be a 32HP module with a 4.3" e-ink showing the lines homepage which you can F5 with a trigger and scroll via CV and I2C; the teletype is needed for advanced interactions like replies and likes.


A truly fascinating thread!