Mannequins W/ (with)


Still getting a bit lost in Cue mode…I am unclear on the details of moving vs saving vs deleting in Cue.

Also have had things appear to freeze when trying to load a new tape, but not certain that I’m actually hitting the right button combo for that action either…


Those white rené are so beautiful
I regret not buying one when I had the chance


it looks you doing everthing right.
-Did you try to chance “monitor IN” on/off ?
-Is the signal going thru ? (mechanical defect, solder joint)

  • Change cable ?
  • Is the flash card correct in ?
  • Did you manage to record at all ?


Had a nice long session with W/ last night. The only thing keeping it from perfection is that I encounter the stuck loop bug(short loop of sound that can’t be bypassed by NAV mode, loop off, or cue movements) a lot, and I’ve noticed it happens under two main circumstances:

  1. Initial powerup/first use, usually stuck in a short segment of the last loop I was playing.

  2. When entering/exiting loop mode or cue mode.

I did get it to stabilize and have an amazing session, here it is with a little morphagene layered running through 3 sisters, with plaits playing melodies, all through erbeverb


This happens to me all the time! Though it’s still so unclear to me what is user error and what is a bug.


Anyone know when they might be re-stocked at Control? I’m up here and was curious to at least take a look…it’d give me an excuse to finally visit the storefront. May go anyway, but I’m worried I’ll leave with 20+ Creel Pone releases… :slight_smile:


I think it’s a bug, because a restart restores familiar behavior.
I could be wrong, but it seems to happen more often after I’ve been playing around in Cue mode and try to go back to Live to make loops. It’s odd though, I played for a couple hours without a hiccup earlier…


Really want to love this thing, it’s a beautiful design, but I’m way past the point of any major user error and I still can’t go more than 10 minutes with the module, even on its own, without it becoming unresponsive to commands, much less incorporate it into a larger patch. The module boots into a broken state more often than it does a usable one and I’m not getting any response from mannequins support, which I suppose is understandable given the size of their team. It’s a shame but I’m thinking of returning it, these errors seems too severe to be regular software glitches.


Give them a chance to fix all the issues. I think it will be like the rise of the phoenix.
Trust me. :slight_smile:


I’m sure this is the case, but when the bugs are so prevalent you can’t even be sure it’s the software and not the hardware it’s hard to want to hang on to the thing while the return window lapses and leaves you with a admittedly gorgeous paperweight.


Based on my experience in HW/SW development I’m more or less sure that all theses issues can be fixed by SW. The HW itself of this module is not really rocket-science (sorry whimsical :slight_smile: )
Ok, the switch is the weak point of the module. :smile:



Thanks that’s good to hear, I had an intuition this might be the case, but I have had next to no experience in that sphere.

I’ve been more than patient with the thing, but when the success rate for basic functions of anything can hover around 50% I’m going to become concerned, not trying to slander them or anything if that’s what you’re intimating. Certainly don’t want to scare off potential buyers. I don’t regret buying W/, I regret not buying 2 or 3. It’s a fantastic module.


We’re all in the same boat here. I get where you’re coming from, but I’m sure @Galapagoose is working hard on getting the bugs sorted.


This seemed to work for me. I changed tapes first thing, and didn’t have a tape full of nasty glitches. I was able to use it pretty much as normal.

Now I wish I’d kept the “dirty” 2.2 Teletype version that has W/ Type instead of trying the 2.3 beta that doesn’t; ever since I got the idea of syncing my loop length to tempo in my head I’ve been wanting to do that :slight_smile:

I’m encountering something else I suspected, but wasn’t sure of – sometimes when overdubbing (and more rarely when overwriting), there’s a click EXACTLY on the loop point that isn’t coming from the audio signal.

If I patch a dummy cable into IN, start with a silent loop and just let it overdub a while, I get a gradually building noise floor with a sort of rapid clicky overlay – whether that’s from my PSU or if it’s emulated tape noise, or a combination, I’m not sure. But I get a definite click every time the loop resets too.

Often the click is pretty prominent on just one or two dubs, even when recording material at a more normal level rather than just a noise floor.


Woohoo! My w/ has finally arrived. I haven’t gotten too deep into it yet, but I’m already in love with it.

Thanks a ton to @Galapagoose, @izzy and the rest of the Mannequins crew for working so hard on this release. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this incredible and imaginative module.


And it gets loud and crazy after a while. Had this problem repeatedly yesterday to the extent that it was happening more often than not. I know these issues have been discussed above, but thought I’d report that in my case I have the following bugs (I have one W/):

  • Stuck in a (short) loop and no action aside from a restart fixes it. Sometimes this doesn’t work straight away

  • IN sometimes doesn’t “hear” the audio and records a loop noise and rising noise floor

I’ve checked these as best I can to try to exclude user error. I’m happy to persist to learn this thing as its the most exciting module for I’ve got and suits my style but I worry the power cycling could harm other modules and the case.


heres a new one. i think i want another one :slight_smile:


Very cool, thanks for posting.


cross-post, for the curious! I’ve found that 15 minutes into a W// session with a single voice is the sweet spot for me. after rolling through small sequences of source material, it’s super fun to patch each W/ to the other through their own filters, record at different speeds, and then play back at 1x.

have had some jam-ups setting loop points or trying to edit old ones, but have also found enough joy in keeping to one set loop and overdubbing/overwriting. these things are magic. dang.


I kept waiting for Teenage Wasteland to start … :slight_smile: Well done!