Mannequins W/ (with)


A few days in, and I have encountered some of the same stuff that’s been mentioned upthread:

  1. Crashes on (attempting to) change tapes.
    a. One tape appeared to already be full of noise I couldn’t record over (?)

  2. Material I didn’t record suddenly blaring out after I hit play and then left the room (woooo was it loud…sent me running back in!)

  3. Occasionally getting stuck in a short loop that i may or may not have user-errored my way into

Still loving it. Having a little difficulty moving/deleting cues, but have gotten both to work on occasion.

While I am still in a somewhat confused state, decided to go full force with it and ordered a teletype :rofl:… guess I know how I’ll be spending the summer!


I have no idea what I’m doing.


My probs with w/ seem to have gotten a lot worse the more material I have on the ‘tape’.

Rebooting starts me at the begining of the tape, and just forwarding and/or jumping cues though 30+ mins to a clean spot seems to be enough to bug it out. I record some audio, but afterwards, I can’t play it back or hear anything from the tape most of the time.

Currently I just don’t (can’t) use it. Since I was able to use it for quite a while and record some super cool stuff, i’m reasonably confident its not user error, but its hard to tell.

Waiting patiently, but eager to get back at it! — just wanted to update my status here. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m in the same boat, and I’m noticing similar behavior now that I’ve gotten a couple of hours worth of recordings on a single tape. Haven’t tried switching to another tape yet, fwiw.

Much as I love this thing, it’s kinda been put on hold over the last week. Looking forward to getting back to it soon, though!


Part of why I welcome finding out what the command to erase the tape is… :slight_smile:


Cross post from Latest Tracks thread. I am using the looping delay set up that someone described above. (forgotten who but thanks a lot, its been wonderfully helpful)


Well i’ve totally bricked mine again. Just recording on a new piece of tape its started crazy clipping. Then just became un-responsive. After re-boot no light nothing working. Second time this happened to me last time i managed to get back into the izzy sequence and it got he module going for me again… Not working this time. Dont know what else to do. I love this module and the concept but im seriously considering trying to send this back to the shop.

I know others are getting crazy bugs anyone else had this?

*Edit weird, i managed to get back into the tutorial again but at the end it goes dead.


Well…there’s the workflow for clearing tapes a lot of people have been waiting for :slight_smile: I wonder if that clears all of them at once, though.


Waiting for mine to arrive - stuck in customs…but would it be possible to copy the removable flash card before using w/ to have a recoverable initial state with clean tapes to return to if some of the issues discussed in this thread occur? I know this isn’t an ideal solution…but it would provide a workaround while waiting for any firmware updates.


Why do you specify a full disk image?


Holy shit this did the trick!!! Thanks a million for telling me this i was just about to ship this back to Cymru beats!


Fair enough, however I don’t think there are any hidden files. Just a single monster binary file that takes up very close to the entire SD card.


Is this procedure different from the one explained earlier that will just get you back to the Izzy tutorial? Hopefully this is not the only method for clearing a tape and cue points?

They should really think about implementing a easy way to clear an entire tape and all cue points, plus a way to immediately jump to the beginning of a tape so the user has some awareness of where they are on the “tape”.


Thanks for the answers.

Here’s a harder one to answer - can someone explain why VAT on imported goods to the UK is charged against the value of the item as well as the postage. I can see no value that has been added to w/ by its delivery to me; the value was added to the delivery process not the thing delivered…feel very stupid that I didn’t order from a UK supplier now as I’ve just paid a heavy mark up…but at least it’s on the way.


In the same boat. Had no idea uk stores would have them on launch so I ordered direct. Learned my lesson to check. No idea why Vat is added to postage, seems wrong. Mine’s only just arrived in customs.


A safe way to try this would be to copy a full disk image onto another SD card, so you aren’t modifying the original. If it’s successful, you should now have two cards you can swap between.


Exactly. I have a bit of case reorg to do this weekend in advance of a gig. I may take the time to try this.


I see no reason why using something like dd (linux or mac) wouldn’t work. I will try today.


Thank you for sharing this. Finally cleaned up my glitchy tapes!


So does it just erase current or all tapes? I was still using my first tape when I did it