Mannequins W/ (with)


maybe they were bad examples but you know what i mean. how many times in our lives have we bought something that costed hundreds of dollars that we had to fix in someway right when we received it?


I got a first-run Tempest and after it arrived I had to unscrew the entire faceplate and reseat the pads to keep them from being pinched against the faceplate and triggering funny. It was fine after that. Not ideal, but these things happen (and the Tempest cost a lot more!)


the pair of jeans I’m wearing right now was made by hand, but I see your point. I also think you might be going a little over the top in dismissing an entirely valid complaint about the rollout here. I think we can all be excited about the module and company, understanding of certain idiosyncraticies/initial hurdles that go along with small manufacturers, and disappointed when general standards aren’t met all at the same time. all that said, I’m still very excited about this thing and can’t wait to dig in!


Our best teachers - our only teachers, some would argue - are the things that don’t go quite right. This experience is a gift to the entire Whimsical team. It will make them stronger, and we will all be the beneficiaries of that. Which is easy for me to say as I’ve not got one (yet) but still. They will make this right. And they will learn from it. All is well.


Ha, I had the exact same experience with my first-run Tempest! So far, my W/ seems to be holding up just fine.


I too would like to hear something as we are fast approaching a month and a thousand new comments since being told new firmware was on the horizon.


Had some fun in cue mode for the first time this afternoon.


Got my W/ today. After about an hour this thing is blowing my mind. Magic.


I had the same thing yeah, in my case the hex screws were slightly overtightened and caused the switch to shift to the left. I was worried I’d have to send it in because down was barely registering but then I checked the screws and it seems fine now.


is anyone else having issues in CUE mode? this is similar to other issues that are mentioned in this forum, but seems a bit different. i’ve tried power cycling and going through it a few times but i keep ending up with a similar issue.

here’s the issue i’ve been having: when i try to nudge a cue point forward with the toggle it works ok (i can hear the tape moving forward), but then when i try to move it backwards a few milliseconds it adds a new cue point as if were in PLAY mode instead of reversing the tape. w/ doesn’t leave CUE mode, but now the loop i’m auditioning is only a few milliseconds long. when i hit loop to exit CUE mode the module is stuck in that loop and I have to power cycle to get out of it. it’s a drag.

edit: is this something worth reporting to WR? i’ve never reported a module bug before so i’m not really sure how to go about doing that.


I haven’t been able to find this video when I search for this tutorial in youtube. Not sure if you have it set like that deliberately but I thought I’d let you know


Great video! This helped out a lot!


I should’ve held my tongue

My remark wasn’t productive (but really was not meant for you). To those who have been frustrated by various aspects of this product release: sorry if my comments were dismissive of your concerns, which are valid


Heads up that there’s a “used” w/ for sale over at MW if you’re super eager for one. Unracked, apparently!

  • slight damage from when it was thrown against the wall :see_no_evil:


I got myself the ALM Beast’s Chalkboard today. Mainly for switching octaves, but I couldn’t resist patching it into W/. Turns out it makes a pretty decent companion.


ooooooooooh good idea!


great idea! i have a tough time replicating tape speeds in THAT with ch 3 of Maths or Cold Mac’s survey, this takes care of it.


It works well in other modes too! It’s great to have some ‘control’ over the modes. And it also frees up Cold Mac to focus on other things.


Love the face of your O_c where’d you find that?